The Best Vegan Restaurants & Delis in London

As a dairy-free meat reducer (and someone currently doing ‘veganuary’ [why is that name so cringe]), I have been on the look out more and more for the best places to eat out that can cater to my needs. Top be fair, most places have a few options on the menu that are suitable or can be modified to not have the butter or cheese. But when you can go to restaurants or delis and know that you’re safe with anything on the menu, it makes a refreshing change.

So here are some of the best places for vegans to eat, or anyone that wants some vegan food, when in London. Have you been to any before?

Deliciously Ella Delis

The food blogger turned restauranteur and entrepreneur now has three delis in London, two in the west end (Weighhouse Street and Seymour Place), and one a little further south in Herne Hill. Though it is probably one of the pricer places to go, knowing that you can order anything off the plant-based menu means the selection is huge. Plus, you can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as smoothies, and cold-pressed juices. The desserts are to die for! I always pop in to the Seymour Place deli when I’m in town – it’s the closest one to the Oxford Street Primark! 😉

Nama, Primrose Hill

If you’re looking for raw vegan food, then this is the place for you. Originally somewhere that started out as vegetarian, it is now sole vegan. From raw cakes to raw cooking courses, there is plenty on offer. Again, brunch, lunch, desserts, and dinner are all on offer at Nama. The food is all gluten-free friendly, as well as being organic. I think the prices are completely comparable to a ‘normal’ restaurant too.

Mildreds, Soho

My mother-in-law eats a plant-based diet, and for one of her birthdays one year, my husband and some of his brothers took her out to Mildreds in Soho for a late lunch. They said it was fun, with a really good atmosphere. My fully carnivorous husband loved the food and keeps talking about wanting to go back, so that is saying something! I have even found a recipe of theirs to make one of their cashew curries. So if you just want some good vegan-based food, but raw or anything too ‘superfood’ puts you off, then this is the place. Good, hearty, and delicious dishes.

Borough Market

Though the market is full of different restaurants, it is a great place for some healthy and delicious grab and go food. Being right by London Bridge station, it means that I get to visit quite a lot on my train journeys into town. But there really is everything; noodles, paella, juices, fresh fruit, and veg. It is worth just wondering around to sample and see some of the any delights.

Detox Kitchen

If you’re after an amazing cold-pressed juice, as well as some other healthy things to eat, then one of the three Detox kitchen delis in London is the place to go. the locations are:

  • Kingly Street, W1
  • Mortimer Street, W1
  • Bernard Street, WC1N (closed at weekends)

They also do catering an deliver in and around London too, so perfect for those London-living.

Have you got a favourite place to eat in London? Have you ever been to any of these? Would love to hear what you think!

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