Vibrant Vegan Frozen Meal Delivery Review

Happy Wednesday! Are we ready for another lockdown? When I think about how things will be, now that schools will stay open, as well as my business being able to stay open (wraparound childcare at school), life won’t be too different for us. I am extremely grateful that this is the case, though things will be pretty much as busy as normal, just minus swimming lessons, sports for the kids, or being able to go to the gym.

Having some help when it comes to cooking is great, and something that I am always on the lookout for. I will still be quite busy, and getting meals that are ready to heat up delivered to your door, rather than having to make another trip to the supermarket (and grocery delivery slots are pretty much non-existent) is always good. And takeaways as a vegetarian is a bit rubbish… so another option is needed.

That is where Vibrant Vegan frozen meal delivery comes in! In boxes of six, you can choose a selection of meals to be delivered to you, or choose a pre-selected box of meals, with particular nutritional values, such as low calorie, gluten-free, or protein-packed, for example.

Frozen Meals

I really like that the meals comes frozen. In fact, the packaging is so good that even if you’re not in for the delivery, they will stay frozen for a while outside! Having some meals to just grab out of the freezer, put in the oven or microwave is so helpful. Frozen meals that there is much less waste too, as they can sit in the freezer for a while, rather than having to be consumed by a set date, so I think this is really positive.


As mentioned, the meals come delivered to your door, in a cardboard box with insulation inside. This could be something that you recycle and dispose yourself, but Vibrant Vegan make it easy to use again. With a pre-paid postage sticker, you can seal the cardboard delivery box back up, with the insulation inside, and drop it off at a post office to be collected. Then it can be used again and again. I think this is a really great feature, especially if you are concerned about packaging and waste.

The meal boxes themselves come with a cardboard sleeve that can be recycled, and the rest of the packet is made from 95% sustainable and recyclable materials. Although this isn’t 100%, it is really positive to see that they are working towards improving their packaging by that 5%. I like that the tray isn’t plastic, as can be the case with many frozen meals, which is a nicer option when heating up the food.

Range of meals

The range of meals that you can choose from is great. From vegan curries to pasta dishes, there will be something to suit all tastes. I was impressed with the flavours that I tried, which included Keralan Kokonut Curry, Mega Marrakesh Tagine, West African Peanut Stew, Super Mac, Tokyo Chick Katsu, and Sicilian Caponata.

They were all tasty, and all really packed with veg and plant-power. A lot of the meals contain two or three of your five a day, so they are good options to have in the house for busy days when you want something more nourishing than a greasy takeaway!

Value for money?

For a box of six meals, the cost is £36 (£6 per serving). If you choose a box to serve two people, then there is a discount, making it £5 per serving. On the surface, it can sound like a lot for each meal; it is quite a steep price. However, when you break it down, I do think that you get some value for money.

It is comparable to other meal-prep delivery companies, but these are all ready to go, so you do pay for the convenience and the packaging. The ingredients are all natural and the meals aren’t full of junk, which is another plus. I also think that the portion sizes were spot on, as I didn’t feel like I needed anything else to have alongside my meals like a side salad (although you could). Plus, with the meals being nutritionally balanced, I did feel full and satisfied after eating them, which is another factor to think about.

All in all I am very impressed with the frozen meals from Vibrant Vegan. I know a lot of people who want to eat less meat but don’t know where to start, so this is a really easy way to dip your toe into plant-based eating. when they’re just in the freezer it can make ‘meat-free Monday’ or however else you want to do it, really simple. I am the only veggie in my house, and although I only cook veggie or vegan food at home, having meals in like this is a helpful option, as some days the kids just want a burger or nuggets, so I can have something different that is quick and easy.

You can get a subscription for a regular delivery, or just a one-off box. I think I will order myself another one ready for lockdown, for those days when I just don’t have the energy to cook.

Have you heard of Vibrant Vegan before? They are really tasty and an easy way to get some plant-powered goodness in your life. With deliveries still going on over lockdown, why not order one for yourself?

You can use the code AAU20 to get 20% off your order!

*the meals were gifted in exchange for review. All words and opinions are my own, and I would only recommend something that I would pay for myself.

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  • My experience with vegan frozen meal delivery was overwhelmingly positive. From the convenience of ordering to the deliciousness of each meal, it exceeded my expectations in every way. Whether you’re a busy professional, a dedicated vegan, or simply looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet, I highly recommend giving this service a try. Your taste buds and your schedule will thank you.