Getting the House Guest Ready & Vileda Windomatic Review

I can’t believe that Christmas has come around so quickly. It seems like hardly any time ago people were putting up their trees at the end of November and it seemed like so far away. But now it’s next week – eeek! You might be visiting other people or having guests come over to visit you. If it is the latter then there might be a few little things you could do to get your home guest ready. Here are a few ideas:


The house will need a bit of a clean (at least mine does anyway)! Nothing major but think about the rooms that the guests will be in. Having a clean bathroom, bedroom and living area are the best ideas. They are the rooms that they will be using and it gives off a great first impression.

One great thing that you could have on hand over the festive season (and would be useful at any time really) is the Vileda Windomatic. It is basically like a little dust buster (do you remember those)?! And it sucks up water and liquid from various surfaces. As the name describes, it works well on windows when you’ve cleaned them, but also on mirrors, tiles and carpet.


Ease of Use

It is really simple to use. It comes with a plug to charge it, but once it has enough charge, it is pretty lightweight and you’re fine to hold it in one hand. The head is flexible so you can get to the corners and nook and crannies of the windows or areas in the bathroom that you are cleaning. The tip of the ‘vacuum’ part is also soft and flexible. So it won’t scratch anything and you can get all of the liquid up.




The blue bottle part of the Windomatic is easy to remove and empty out the water that gets collected. It just clips out and then you just pour it out. The button is easy to work and it stays on until you push it again. So you don’t need to keep your hand on it the whole time. Couldn’t be simpler to make work.

Does it Work?

I have used it on various surface since getting it. I have found that it works well on each surface that I use. I think I will get most use out of it with my carpets – got to love having a toddler! As nearly daily I have to wipe up drinks and water that get dropped or knocked. So it would work well if you’ve got a lot of guests over.



As you can see, it sucks up the water easily and gets carpet back to normal. It nearly dries it for you too as it takes up a lot of the water. The same goes with when I’ve used it on our mirrors and windows.


Any Problems?

Honestly, I can’t think of a problem with this. Having used it several times since receiving it, I have found it to work really well. It is easy to use and lightweight and it does the job. It also makes cleaning simple and easier – which I’m all over!


The Windomatic RRP is £49.99. I think it is something that you could get use of again and again. I’d recommend it and think it would be a good gift for any cleaning obsessed friends too.

Have you ever tried one of these? Do you think that you’d get any use out of it?


*the item was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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