Would a Wacom Bamboo Spark Save You Time and Keep You Organised? | Review

When you are running a busy household, there are lots of different things that come in handy to save time and keep you organised. One of those things that I have recently discovered is a Wacom Bamboo Spark smart notebook. The idea behind it is that you write on the notebook, and then it will upload onto your tablet or phone. So it is perfect to help me with my recipe planning and have in the kitchen with me when I’m cooking.

What Could You Use It For?

You could also use it for writing shopping lists, preparing recipes for cooking, as well as things like taking notes in a business meeting. If you like writing text and fonts then you can design them on that and then upload them to somewhere like Pinterest or Instagram. It is also a good way to document your life and keep it. If you write a journal, you might like to actually handwrite it. A notebook can become tatty and worn and could get thrown away. So one great way to keep your notes would be using this.




You could use it for your children’s drawings too. Again, drawing on papers can become a little tatty and it’s hard to keep all of them. But of they draw them on here, then they can be saved on your phone and online. Then it will go to your phone and you can save it on your computer or upload it to the cloud. Then, as long as you have a back up, it is there pretty much permanently.

How Do You Set It Up?

I found the set up of the device really quick and easy. You need to download a free app onto your phone or tablet. Then you create an account so it can all connect. As long as your app is open, and you have your bluetooth on your phone, what you write on the notebook will upload onto your phone.


Overall I think that it is a good product. I have made plenty of use of it and think that it is really novel. I have used it for playing with the kids and them drawing on it. I use it for my shopping lists and cooking recipes. I can be watching a programme or a YouTube video recipe and write things down, so they are saved. I am quite online based in my life, though, so it works for me. I think it would depend on how much you use your phone for documenting your life or organising things. If you don’t use your phone or tablet much, then i doubt you’d get much use from it.


I do think that it is a little expensive for what it is, as it retails at £119. I do think that some people might just take photos of things with their phone, to have it uploaded to their phone, if that makes sense? If it was cheaper, I think it would appeal as a more viable option for people, especially if it was given as a gift.

What do you think to the Bamboo Spark? Have you heard of it before?

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*the notebook was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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