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I keep hearing about waist trainers these days – I think Kim Kardashian has a lot to answer for. It seems a lot of us are after the  more curvy small waist but larger hips look. I’m a bit of a pear shape so the larger hips look is fine by me! 😉

I kind of thought I didn’t really have the need for a waist trainer and didn’t think I would use one. Since being sent one over from Slimming Solutions I have discovered that I couldn’t be more wrong. I have been using it all the time! I have been trying out Firm Control Waist Trainer in black and find that I can use it on a lot of occasions.

It takes a couple of minutes to get the corset clipped it, using the eyelets and hooks. When I first put it around myself I didn’t think it would be very comfortable as it was having to stretch a bit. when it was all done up, it felt really comfortable – I was so surprised! I thought I would have trouble breathing in it but not at all.

I measured my wast before I put the waist trainer on and after I put it on. It instantly took off 3 whole inches off my waist, no lie! It felt good to have everything ‘sucked in’ and have smooth lines when I put my clothes over it. A flatter stomach was very appealing. I found that it perked my boobs up a bit too as how it sits is just touch the bottom of the bra. My posture felt good too as it kind of forces you to sit and stand correctly. It seems like a win-win all round. The best advice has been to wear it for a few hours a day, to really make a difference to the shape of your body.

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I think it would be a great product to get to just have in the wardrobe. It would work well for special occasions when you need to get in a fancy dress or perhaps even for a night out or celebration. You might want to wear it all the time, depending on the look you want to achieve. The price of it is £33.60 and I think that it is totally reasonable. You can wear the trainers when working out too, particularly when weight training.

I would recommend getting this waist trainer – I am really pleased with mine and it has been giving this curvy girl a lot more confidence when wearing my clothes. The end goal is to get a flat stomach without intervention but this is a good motivation for me. Have you tried a waist trainer before?

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*the corset was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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