My Water Babies – Building Their Confidence in the Water

We had a fun day out a few days ago where I took my two swimming. They are both water babies (if their bath time is anything to go by) so I knew they’d love it. They both enjoy swimming in the pool when we go on holiday (neither like the sea to be honest) but other than holidays, we rarely get to the swimming pool. I really want to change this because it is something that we can all enjoy and do together.

Max is probably getting to the right age where he should start ‘proper’ swimming lessons and he is getting more and more confident in the water. It certainly helps having armbands for him to use. He feels safe with them on and doesn’t want to hold me at all. He hates getting water in his eyes too so goggles are a must for him. We have been using some from Baby Swimming Shop and they helped so much. He would put his head under the water and hold his  breath for the count of three. He loved being able to see his feet clearly under the water! I’m so glad his confidence has increased with putting his head under water as it was something he would refuse to do before. Maybe we should wear the goggles when we wash his hair in the bath?! 😉

I often find that swimming pools can be a little cool for little ones. So a body warmer / wet suit from the Baby Swimming Shop gives me peace of mind that they will stay warm. The pool at my gym does have a small, shallow pool that is warmer but it isn’t always available due to lessons. The body warmer was a great help. Chloe loved wearing it too and kept touching it.

We teamed it with a swim nappy. I like that you don’t have to have another swim nappy underneath; its ok by itself. Max does’t need them anymore so I don’t always have them in. This will be really handy going forward.

Do you take your little ones swimming? Do you have a summer holiday planned? Swimming can be so important for building confidence and helping our children to develop. Here is how:

  • The unique sensory experience accesses all five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch
  • Swimming encourages our children to meet physical milestones more quickly as it helps to work the large muscles in the body
  • It hones in on gross motor skills and builds coordination
  • Research shows that swimming can stimulate brain development and increasing intelligence
  • Breathing becomes easier and more mature for small babies that swim. This means they can make clearer sounds and help their communication skills
  • For small babies, they can be reminded of being in the womb, due to the weightlessness, so it will help them to relax
  • Children who have swimming lessons from an early age will develop a lifelong confidence and enjoyment of water. It will encourage a lifetime of physical activity

What are your tips for getting your children swimming and feeling confident?


*thank you to Baby Swimming Shop for gifting us their new swimming aids.

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