Simple But Effective Ways to Make Your Home Look More Modern

However old your home is, making your home more modern can be a long and tricky process. If you choose to modernise the structure of your home, then it can end up being a pricey process too. A lot of the changes people choose to make are more cosmetic; changing the look of a room. The latter being a much easier and simpler change to make. When we moved into our home nearly six years ago, we had to change the whole house. It hadn’t been touched since the 50s!

our kitchen before…
our kitchen after…

Make Decisions

First of all, you need to have a look at your home’s current state. It is important to look at the actual home and it’s features, rather than the things in your home. Furniture and accessories can be easily changed or replaced. Walls and structures will need a little more love. So check the state of the walls in the home. Do any need to be filled or reinforced?

Do the skirting boards need to be replaced or need a new lick of paint? Another thing to look at are the ceilings and coving. If there isn’t any coving, then it is a good idea to get some. It smooths the look of the room and makes things look fresh and more modern.


Lighting is such an important thing to think about in the home. It changes the look of a room, as well as the mood of it. At a basic level, you could look at changing the main ceiling and wall lights in the room. Even just getting stronger bulbs can make such a difference. I like that now there are energy efficient LED bulbs that you can get, than don’t compromise on the light quality. If there are certain areas of the house that tend to be quite dark, think about getting skylights or aluminium roof lights. They will completely open up the space and make such a difference. Strip lights would be a good alternative, if roof lights wouldn’t be an option.



There are lots of little details that can age a home. Even just the colour or style of the light switches that you have can age a room. If you have brass or gold ones, think about getting brushed metal ones or ones that are lighter in colour. They will subtly add a modern look. Door handles and drawer pulls can also age them. Luckily these things can be easily replaced. So look into replacing those things where you can. I always find Pinterest is an amazing resource, as well as home and design magazines.

Colours & Materials

The main things in our home like flooring, bathroom suites and wallpaper are all chosen at one time. The trends do change, and before we know it we are living in a home that hasn’t been redecorated for several years. So start by making some changes. If the wall paper and carpet are looking a bit dated, get them changed. Maybe create accent walls or exposing some brick. If your bathroom suite is a dated colour, then it will be worth the investment of replacing it. It’s got to be worth replacing that avocado green suite, right? 😉

Have you got any tips or advice for modernising your home?


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