Ways to Improve Mental Health During Pregnancy

Pregnancy heralds the arrival of a new family member and can be an exhilarating experience. However, the excitement might come with anxiety, which can raise your stress levels and negatively impact your mental health. A King’s College London survey revealed that 1 in 4 pregnant women experience mental health conditions such as depression and eating disorders, among others. Therefore, you need to look out for your mental well-being when you’re expecting. Are you wondering how to go about it? Here are some ways worth considering.

  1. Have positive expectations

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According to Obstetrics and Gynaecology Professor Irene E. Aga M.D, too many negative feelings and worry can physically, mentally, and emotionally affect a pregnant woman. So instead of imagining the worst-case scenarios, why not focus on the positives? Not only will it reduce your stress level, but it will make your pregnancy more enjoyable. Besides, positivity enhances your confidence and keeps you at peace. You can go about it by affirming to yourself that your pregnancy will go on well. You may also visualise your delivery date, and how you’ll carry your newborn will spark feelings of happiness in you. 

  1. Talk to someone

While you might be experiencing waves of overwhelming emotions during your pregnancy term, you don’t have to go through it alone. It will help if you talk to someone about your feelings, fears, and concerns. Research shows that talking about your problems with someone you trust can significantly reduce physical and emotional distress and strengthen your immune system. It will be best to speak with your partner, relatives, or friends, as they can help ease your tension. You may also embrace an online support group for mothers, where you can get both the reassurance and information needed to have a safe pregnancy. 

  1. Embrace a healthy lifestyle

While embracing a healthy lifestyle is good for keeping your immune system strong, it also helps keep you mentally fit. Research findings have proved that staying physically healthy can reduce depression, stress, and anxiety while improving psychological well-being. You can start by sleeping for 7-9 hours daily and keep yourself hydrated. You may also eat meals loaded with essential vitamins and minerals and exercise at least 3 to 4 days weekly. Additionally, you can take Omega-3 supplements to boost your immune system. Besides, it’s prudent to visit your healthcare providers regularly, especially if you had an embryo adoption procedure. 

  1. Practice mindfulness

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According to mindfulness teacher Ed Halliwell, mindful living increases your happiness level by reducing stress and helping you deal with fear, anger, and anxiety. For these reasons, it’s best to practice mindfulness in your daily living. You can start by paying attention to your breathing process and slowing it down, as it can keep your mind calm and trigger the relaxation response in your body. You can also practice meditation and focus on the beautiful things of life. It will also help to live in the moment and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. 

While pregnancy might breed mixed feelings of happiness and uncertainty, you can go through it should you know what to do. Hopefully, you’ll follow these tips to experience a fantastic pregnancy term.  

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