Ways to Mitigate Personal Disaster

A personal disaster can come in many different forms. An unexpected breakup, getting fired from your job, or a house fire are all disasters their own way. Although we cannot predict the future, we can set up some contingency plans to make it easier to deal with a disaster. For instance, most people would not live without a fire alarm or a carbon monoxide detector. Having a plan or setting up some contingencies can be a godsend when you are stuck in the emotional turmoil a personal disaster can create. So, let’s take a look at some ways you can mitigate a potential personal disaster:

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Imagine the Worse

A lot of heartaches happen simply because we cannot imagine such awful things happening to ourselves. Perhaps a great strategy for dealing with unexpected events is to imagine the worse did happen and how you would deal with it. You can be as creative as you like. It doesn’t matter. This process is designed to give you a heads up and help you develop a contingency plan and coping mechanisms. For example, if you did have a fire, how would you get out of the house. It is always a good idea to have an escape route, and it may even inspire you to buy things such as a fire blanket and fire extinguisher along with the smoke alarm.

Create Some Order

One of the wisest things you can do is to get things sorted legally. Will and Estate Lawyers could help you create a will that is essential for your family if the worse did happen. If you have a young family and you are the primary source of income, then getting the right insurance will help them get through. Income protection insurance and life insurance are good examples, to name a few. It may also be worth your while having the discussion with your family members too. The more organized you can be if the worse does happen, the more secure you will feel. 


Most personal disasters will have some kind of economic impact. This means that saving money in an emergency fund that cannot be used is essential. Some of us may need to have a thorough look at our finances and even make some changes in our lifestyle to be able to save some money. Money is security, and without it, you can feel very vulnerable. 


Acceptance is key in getting through something as upsetting as a personal disaster. The sooner we accept the change, the better our eventual outcome. Clinging on to the hope that your partner will change their mind and come back to you is only going to cause you more heartache. No matter how upset you are, you are far better off accepting it and looking toward the future. Besides, being single these days can be a lot of fun, what with all those dating sites. Acceptance is how you move forward without causing further damage to yourself, your assets, and those around you.

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