Ways To Move House With Kids And Keep A Cool Head

If there’s one thing that’s more stressful than moving house, it’s moving house with young children in tow. Children often place huge amounts of sentimentality on the place they grew up in, and adults do the same but while having to maintain a pragmatic and level head. Moving house also throws into the mix the chaos of temporarily not having your usual possessions to hand while you undergo a large, complex task. So, what can be done if you find yourself losing your cool?

Don’t lose your routine

Although it’s not always possible to keep your old routine while moving your life over, it’s healthy to keep certain aspects of it. If you rely on yoga to keep yourself sane during the week, then it’s worth trying to pencil in a few classes over the coming weeks. If Thursday is the night that you enjoy spaghetti bolognese or a family film, then maintaining a level or normality will help you feel less cut adrift by the whole process of moving house.

Use a trusted removals service

While moving, you’ll spend some of your time transporting smaller items in the back of your car: washbags, clothing, and toiletries that are all necessary for the first few weeks in your new house with minimal supplies. However, there are bound to be bigger items that will cause more anxiety in terms of how they survive during transit and when they’ll be delivered. Using a removal service that has a reputation for a five-star approach to moving family’s belongings will give you some peace of mind as to how your belongings fare in the back of a van.

Get the kids involved

Moving can be just as stressful for kids as it can be for adults, and there are many techniques for helping with this, such as introducing them to the new community you’re moving to before you move. On top of this, and encouraging them to see the fun in moving, there are a few ways you can encourage them to get involved with the process:

Create new memories

Don’t leave your experience of the new area you’re moving to right up until the point you move. Organise family meals out and day-trips during the moving process to create fond memories of your new residential area. If you’re re-decorating, then book a day to enjoy painting and picking out furniture in your new place, and reward yourself afterward. Visiting your new part of town regularly will help it become familiar to your family before you’ve moved in.

You will inevitably run into bumps and hurdles when moving home with small children. Occasionally items will get broken; you’ll lose track of which box you put something in, and headaches will occur. Keep your new home in sight, involve the kids and remember to keep a slice of what’s familiar to you in the meantime.

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