Ways to Save Money When Shopping for Shoes

Almost everyone loves shopping for shoes, and for a few people, it can even be therapeutic. However, it’s time you started saving yourself a lot of money when you buy shoes.

In this quick guide, we show you how anyone can save a lot of money out of their next shoe purchase!

Use a Coupon

If you are really looking for a straight up discount off of a regular purchase, then one of the options that you have is to use a coupon from the store you’re buying from.

Typically, the shoe brand or retailer’s website will usually feature discounts from time to time for their loyal customers to grab savings for their products. However, you won’t be able to keep track of these unless you visit each website regularly, and they won’t usually show all their discounts at once.

A smart way to go about this is by going to a site that specializes in collating coupons from all over the internet. The beauty of this method is that it allows one central location where all from major brands can be accessed. They even have coupons that won’t be shown on the retailer’s website at times.

For example, popular brands such as Rothy’s have numerous discounts available in sites such as https://www.gopromocodes.com/stores/rothys for people who need them.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping

An offer for free shipping is always a good way to shave off a couple of dollars out of the retail price of a pair of shoes. Some stores will charge for shipping fees, and having an offer to waive it is always a good deal.

Always watch out for free shipping back to the retailer just in case you have to return the shoes that you bought.

Outlet Stores Will Help You Save Money

There are a lot of great finds at outlet stores, and these shoes are usually from various popular brands available at lower prices. There are even outlet stores available online where you can choose from a wide selection of shoes right from the comfort of your own home.

Outlet stores also have regular sales, which can result in additional savings for the average customer.

Put Prime on Quality

Getting your hands—or rather your feet—on quality shoes from a reputable brand is a good investment than buying cheaper shoes that are known for bad quality. The reasoning behind this is straightforward: better quality will last you longer.

When shopping for shoes, divide the price by how many times you’ll be able to wear the pair before they wear out. This should give you a ballpark on its average price every time you use them.

Compare this number to a cheaper alternative, and you’ll find out that you could be wasting money in the long run. Cheap shoes mean you’ll need to replace them while better quality means they will last you for a longer time. 

Use Your Rewards

A lot of shoe brands offer rewards and perks for their loyal customers. If you are a loyal customer of a particular brand, look to see if they have a rewards program that you might be able to benefit from. More often than not, you can have access to exclusive prices and discounts that are not available to regular customers.

Join The Mailing List

Getting a newsletter from a brand might be annoying, but it can yield discounts every now and then. Companies usually spend a portion of their marketing budgets on remarketing to previous customers because it is more cost-effective than acquiring new customers.

In this process, they can provide you with an incentive to buy from their store again by offering you a discount simply because you are part of their mailing list.

Take Advantage of the Seasons

The seasons are an excellent time to take advantage of clearance sales. Take, for example running shoes: if you want to avail of a quick sale, try April or May, where most sports brands are trying to clear out their winter collections.

It also works the opposite for winter footwear: try buying during summer where the shops are clearing up for summer stocks. On the plus side, you’ll have winter boots ready a couple of months before the season. Even heavy winter apparel goes on sale in January.

Final Thoughts

Take advantage of the numerous ways that you could be saving money on your next footwear purchase and your savings account will thank you for it. A dollar saved is a dollar earned, and who said shoe shopping should break the bank?

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