Weaning with Kiddylicious

We have been weaning Chloe for a few months now and she is pretty much sorted. What is super handy though, is having finger foods for her to have when we are out and about. Kiddylicious have some new wafers in their weaning range that Miss Bean has been lucky to try recently and they have been a big hit!
Perfect size for her to hold for herself and feed. She is definitely miss independent and we have been following baby-led weaning very much so this time around. They weren’t messy at all which is perfect. I don’t like the puff-type of finger foods as they dissolve and get super messy when we are in the caror she’s in the pushchair.
DSC_0136 DSC_0133

She scoffed them down so pretty safe to say she liked their taste, she tried banana and blueberry. They have a crunch but kind of dissolve in the mouth so there isn’t a major choking risk – always a big worry for me when weaning begins.

They are suitable from 6 months and over and are gluten free. They are natural ingredients but not organic. I’m pleased with them though, Chloe liked them and I would buy them in the future.

Rebecca x

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*We were sent some wafers free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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