Wedding Guest Attire For All Seasons

I remember my mum telling my about colour analysis when I was younger. Where you match your skin tone, eye and hair colour to a ‘season’. Then different seasons can wear different colour clothes, that really make them look the best and ‘pop’. I don’t think its something that we do as often nowadays, but I find the concept really interesting.

My mum was firmly in the autumn camp and to be honest, as much as I try to deny it, I think I might be too. Perhaps a little bit of spring in there as well. Not completely sure! But there are certainly colours that look better than others. I have a wedding to go to in March, so have been looking at getting something new to wear. Any excuse, right? I love the dresses and skirts that they have at Coast as the quality is amazing and I like the full style of skirt that a lot of the dresses have. So have been looking there for some inspiration. I thought I’d get together some inspiration for all the different seasonal colour styles. So if you’ve got a wedding to go to to, some of these things might taken your fancy.


If you’re a winter you are one of the only seasons that can dare to wear black and pure white. So that is always a fail safe to go for. Jewel colours are a good option for you if you are a winter too, so think about turquoise and hot pink. If you want to accessorise with jewellery, then silver is the colour to go for.


La Paz Levin Dress – £109 // Black Fascinator – £45 // Colour Block Pleat Dress – £139 // Cora Mono Shoe – £55


If you are a ‘summer’ then choosing pastel colours is the best option for you. Soft neutrals with rose and blue undertones work well too. So look for clothing in the colours of lavender, taupe, baby pink and baby blue, for example. The colours to avoid are dark shades like black and brighter shades like orange.


Orsay Floral Midi Dress – £179 // Darianna Dress – £149 // Mariah Headband – £35 // Bea Jewelled Shoes – £55 // Tilly Stripe Dress – £139


If you are an autumn, then it is probably quite obvious as to what shades you are. Think of autumn and you’ll know what shades I’m talking about. Look for golden undertones with colours like beige, orange, gold and dark brown. One of the worst colours for an autumn to wear is navy, or anything with a blue tone.


Amore Satin Dress – £39 // Sardinia Top – £69 // Thaos Twist Necklace – £29 // Sadie Metallic Shoes – £55 // Reza Metallic Dress – £195


Spring can wear quite a variety of colours that are mainly bright and light. Warm colours like peach, golden-yellow and golden brown are good options, especially compared to bright yellow or dark brown. It is best to avoid dark and dull colours, so think plenty of colour when looking for outfits.


Kemara Jacket – £89 // Tulleries Printed Skirt – £169 // Evie Glitter Shoe – £55 // Nia Hotfix Laser Cut Bag – £45 // Minerva Floral Dress – £169

Do you know which season you are?Rebecca x

*collaborative post – all opinions are my own.

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