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With wedding season at its peak in the summer, you may be raiding your wardrobes thinking, “so many clothes but nothing to wear!” When it comes to weddings (where photographic evidence is plastered all over social media) you can hardly wear the same outfit twice now, can you?!

However, shopping for occasion dresses┬ácan be daunting, with so many options and not always knowing what’s on trend. I was lucky to be sent the light blue dress from Quiz, in the picture below. I love that it is a maxi style, as to me, that just screams formal, so it will be perfect for more formal occasions. I am not a fan of my arms, so I like that it isn’t a bandeau or bustier style on the top half of the dress.

The sleeves can be worn off the shoulder, as is pictured, but works not the shoulder too, giving a small cap sleeve. I love the shape of the dress, and that it has a bit of gathered fabric at the waist. It makes it really flattering, especially with my mum-tum. I am fairly tall at 5’9, and this is even long on me. So it is the prefect dress to wear killer heels with; it makes you look like you’ve got mega long legs. If you’re really petite, though, I think this may be too long for you unless you took it up a little.

Light blue isn’t a colour that I would necessarily normally go for. I tend to think I’m more of an ‘autumn’ when it comes to colouring (plus, dark colours are more flattering, right)?! However, with a bit of a summer tan and my blonde hair, the light blue really works. It is defiantly a colour that would wash me out, though, if I was quit pale. I have blue eyes so it does bring them when I wear it too. So to look really striking, I would recommend choosing a dress that matches, or at least compliments, your eye colour.

Here are a few other ideas from Quiz Clothing, of what would make you stand out from the crowd:


  1. At a wedding, heels are a must. They don’t have to be the tallest stiletto, but high heels will help your posture and provide you with presence.
  2. The midi dress is perfectly wedding appropriate. The pins are out but not too exposed. Jazz it up with jewels and you’re away.
  3. The maxi dress is a breathtaking solution for taller ladies. Ensure that the fabric is wedding worthy – you don’t want to look like you’re off to the beach.
  4. It is often tricky to deter the appropriate exposure deemed acceptable for a wedding. If you do get your legs out, we recommend a higher neckline. Alternatively, If you opt for cleavage, a longer dress is suggested.
  5. Not a dress person? The Jumpsuit was made for you. Paired with jewellery and heels it’s time to brave it – you’re sure to turn heads. Bold colours, beautiful fabric and flared legs if your pins are not your best feature. Not only will you look fresh out of vogue, but you’ll be comfortable too.
  6. It has been said that wedding hats can look dated, but apparently hats are back! Or at least a fascinator if you’re unsure. If you’re part of the bridal party, we do recommend a hat, unless you really do feel silly or they don’t suit you.
  7. Let’s talk about colours. White is a big no-no. Black is also controversial; generally one wouldn’t expect black at a church wedding, as traditionally darker colours represent mourning, however if the wedding is an evening do or black tie, crack on.
  8. Jackets are a great addition to formalise an outfit. They hide wobbly bits and can be easily removed. They’re also weather convenient!
  9. Finally, the clutch bag; a total necessity for any formal occasion. No one wants to be hauling a handbag around all day, so pop your phone, lippy and confetti inside and you’re good to go.

Take on board these tips, but just be careful not to detract from the blushing bride!

Rebecca x*collaborative post

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