Weddings Can Be Wonderful Without Being Complex

When planning a wedding, it’s easy to think of all the ideas we could make good on. We think of the beautiful places of worship we might decide to host our service in, how much we’ll stick to our cultural roots or subvert them, or what outlandish efforts we might go to in order to have a wedding bigger and better than everyone we know. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this. This is your wedding, and you are free to dream as you like, no matter what advice from any internet blog might suggest.

However, it’s also important to never feel chained to hosting a wedding that might be much too complex, because it doesn’t need to be complicated in order to be memorable. Sometimes, getting the simple decisions right can be much more powerful than one thousand small details obsessed over. With our following advice, you’ll be sure to see exactly why this is:

Simplicity In Dress Is Convenient

Of course, some people wish for the most expensive and complex designs for their wedding dress. There’s absolutely no problem with wanting that, provided you can afford it. But sometimes, you just want to look radiant and beautiful without having to deal with countless straps or call in a team of butlers, military operatives and tailors to help you out of the dress when nature comes calling. Simplicity in dress can look gorgeous, help you spend more on the accessories to express yourself, and also allow you to both tailor a dress you like more easily or simply feel more comfortable during the day. Simplicity in dress can be a fantastic new alternative to view this through, because it can often be the place where people invest most of their complex decision making.

Simple Entertainment Is Often The Best

You don’t need jugglers, a bouncy castle, fire breathers, trapeze artists, verbose poets, people doing handstands or flipping yo-yo’s to keep yourself and others interested during the course of your wedding celebrations. Of course, while the children might think that’s awesome, it can be a little much, and prevent you from socializing with the attendees. Simple entertainment is often the best and most effective. You might enjoy those we have offered in jest, but finding a great artist or two is better than booking way too many conflicting services. For example, heading to this page to find the best wedding band for you is better than having a full symphony follow you everywhere while remaining much more down to earth and memorable.

Simple Food Is The Best Food

If famous English chefs such as Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay, earning their three michelin stars and getting to the top of their game both suggest that simple food is the most earnest and hearty, then why not opt for that in your wedding? Of course, you might choose a high-end caterer, but asking for insanely complex recipes or strange options not only confuse your guests, but can heighten the likelihood of allergy activations or the children in your party simply not eating, which translates to hunger, which translates to tiredness, which often translates to screaming. Simple food is the best food.

With these tips, your wedding is sure to be planned with both a rational and optimistic mindset.

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  • A wedding is something thoroughly planned and thought of. It is so special and intimate. It can be simple or grand depends on the couple getting married but what’s really important is that they will start a new life together as one in love. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Thank you for breaking this down so well, Ellie! I couldn’t agree with you more that weddings can be wonderful without being complex. wedding planning already stressing as it is, and couples shouldn’t add to it. Weddings are once in a lifetime events and it should be spent in a fun, memorable and interesting way without all the complications, particularly, during the event. Keeping it simple is a good way to go! I really liked everything you said here. Great read! Cheers!

  • some great points, I always find the couples who just go with what they like and forget about the traditions and things that don’t apply to them have some of the best wedding days. there is nothing worse than getting stressed over something that in the long scheme of things won’t matter

  • Sometime it could be really difficult to plan, especially if you want it to be perfect. But I think it is also important that you include the people who can help u decide to make your wedding unforgettable- some want it simple and some want it extravagant, as long as whatever makes you happy. Well for me I want the wedding that shows my personally simple yet elegant as it can be. Anyway, love the post and it’s really informative. Cheers!

  • Want the perfect and most ecological wedding ever? Go in some rustic place, with the most good friends, maximum 6, and have a very nice small party, then go to the best honey moon! If you want a bigger wedding with all the people that you almost don’t know you will find a lot of them that will not feel so good and this will mess up your party!

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