#BoostBuddies Update: Week 2 of XLS-Nutrition Shakes

This time last week I was sharing my first post about how I have been getting on after a week of using the XLS-Nutrition weight loss shakes. I was thrilled to have lost three pounds in the first week, to say it had been my birthday, and was starting to see the benefit of the shakes.

Weight Loss After Two Weeks

After two weeks, I am happy to report that I am now just over 6 pounds down (6+1/4) in total, so a little more off this second week (the quarter pound is very important)! I was really pleased to see the results and to see that it is all worth it so far. It helps to keep me motivated when you see the scales going down for once.

XLS-Nutrition shakes in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry

Highlights of the Week

I think the highlights of the week, or the things that have gone well, has been the fact that they shakes fit so well into my everyday life. And to say that I am having a shake for breakfast and then a shake for lunch, I have not been feeling too hungry. The high protein content of the shakes does make a difference, compared to ones that I have tried before.

I have also stepped up my exercise a little this week. I have had quite a busy week with various bits and bobs going on, but have managed to get going with yoga. I have the blocks and mat at home, and I use an app called Down Dog. I like that you can se the time length and decide what areas you want to cover (whole body, arms, etc). So this is easy to just set up at home.

I’ve decided that I want to sign up for some kind of race, like a 10K for later in the summer, and get back to doing Parkrun on a Saturday morning. So I guess the main highlight has been feeling motivated. I think after that first week it does make a difference when you see weight loss, especially when i haven’t felt like I was really restricting myself.

Low Points This Week?

I had a particularly stressful on Monday, and didn’t eat very well that day. I had a shake for lunch, but was then tied up with the stressful thing for around five hours, so I didn’t even have anything for lunch, or much water. I then had chips for my evening meal! Eeeek. In reality i must have been under the right calorie count, as I hardly had anything all day. But it wasn’t good calories, the ones that I did have. Onwards and upwards.

I am looking forward to starting week three and seeing how things go. I have just over a wee until we fly out for my brother-in-law’s wedding, so anything extra that I can lose in time for the wedding would be amazing (though I plan to take the shakes with my on the trip – we’ll be away for three nights). Wish me luck!

It would be great to hear what you think! Have you seen the shakes in stores? They have only just been launched 🙂

*I have been gifted the shakes in exchange for review. All words and experiences are my own.

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