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The Weekend Box is aimed at children aged 3-6, the thought being that they can do something educational but fun at the same time. The box we were sent had a theme of ‘Chinese New Year’ and the themes completely vary. What stays the same though, is the four parts the box is made up of:

Red – something to bake that will get your kids creative in the kitchen

Yellow – something crafty and exploratory

Green – something ‘green’ or outdoorsy

Blue – something multi-disciplinary

In your box you are sent basically everything you need to do each activity, and as we never seem to have much in in the way of craft supplies at home, it is really useful and makes doing something crafty and creative like this really easy.

DSC_0178 DSC_0182
You can complete a certificate after the box is complete, and there is a sticker for each activity, which of course goes down very well with the little man!

very pleased with his finished Chinese dragon
so thrilled when he opened each of the little packets to see what he would be doing next!

DSC_0190 DSC_0194

I think these boxes are great and would definitely recommend them. Each activity takes around 30 minutes so they’re a good length of time each to keep their attention. I needed to be quite hands on with Max and his box (he’s only 3), but older children would be able to do lot more unsupervised. It is nice doing it with them though as there are things you can teach your kids about in each box, as well as them learning a skill or having fun painting and creating. Each box is £7.50, including postage to your home and I think that is totally reasonable. The box is really fun looking too so something your kids can get excited about arriving through the door.

If you would like to try a Weekend Box for FREE, use the code REBECCA9 on the website.

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*I was gifted the box in exchange for an honest review.

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