We’ve Applied for a Primary School Place…

So, my eldest is now four, and you know what that means. He will be starting school in September. It is such a big step but I know that he will be ready for it and I know he will love it. He is really smart and can see him soaking up all of the new knowledge that he will be getting. He really has a love of learning and I know he will do well.

We have just submitted our application for his school place. For us, it came down to one or two schools. We live less than a mile away from two lovely village schools and I’ll be baffled if we don’t get into one. I feel really lucky that it was such an obvious choice for us. My nephew lives in London and they have over 10 schools that they are all in catchment for. It must be such a hard decision in a situation like that. Have any of you had similar?


We could have of course, put down four choices but we decided against it. It would mean driving quite far to get there each morning and the third closest school to us isn’t rated well either. So if by some odd fluke he doesn’t get a place at the two schools closest to us, I will most likely keep him at home until we had appealed. Total worse case scenario though! I’m still not sure how I feel about home schooling. I know it is more and more common these days. I guess I’ve just had bad examples from when I was younger – the people that I knew were home schooled, basically didn’t do anything and ended up with no qualifications. I’d love to hear some positive home school stories, I think I just saw the worse of the worse!

I am looking forward to hearing him come home and telling me all that he has been up to. Hopefully he will say more about it than he currently does about nursery 😉

I know school is so important and he will learn so much more than just academia but it is a scary thought. Off to school. I won’t be with him all day everyday. I can’t be the only one thinking this can I? He is growing up. He isn’t a baby any more.

But, he is still my baby.

Rebecca x

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*sorry for this rambling post – I just needed to write something about it!

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  • Ohmygoodness — I am absolutely DREADING this!! Not choosing the school — we live opposite the village school, so unless it falls down it’s a given that the twins will go there — but the boys actually GOING to school!! As you say, it seems like *such* a grown up thing to do!! Our little ones are growing up way too fast aren’ they?! #ShareWithMe

  • My little one turns 4 this month so he’s off to school in September too. I’m torn between keeping him in the school he’s currently in nursery in, which is further away but my daughter is also there, or the local village school so he makes some friends closer to home, but then will be a pain come pick up/drop off.

    I lived in Spain until recently and he should have been starting school this September and I was absolutely dreading that as he was only 2, so now he’s in a school environment but in a small nursery class I think I’ll be less worried when he does start next year as he’s kind of been prepared for it.

    I’m sure your little one will absolutely love it when he starts school, it’s us mums that are less prepared for our babies to go to school than they are 😉

  • It’s a big milestone in their lives, isn’t it? Hope you get one of the two you’ve applied for. Kara will also be starting school in September but with two siblings already at one of our catchment schools we can afford to be relaxed in the knowledge that she will get in to the same school.

    But I remember the stress first time round, knowing that we had three schools to choose from, one of which had a dodgy reputation and the other two were always going to be massively oversubscribed. Thankfully we got one of the two we wanted, which is also the closest to us – and it’s lovely to be able to walk them to and from school without bundling them into the car.

  • Good luck with it. I’m sure being that close to 2 options you’ll be fine. Round by us, even our oversubscribed school, had people get in up to 2 miles away. It’s more people living in the town who apply for village schools that struggle.

    N started this year and loves it. He didn’t really show any interesting in numbers, letters or writing before school, but now he’s quite liking it. Just everything needs to be on his terms rather than him being some genius! #sharewithme
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  • Meanwhile we’re at that awful stage where we’ve been in the International school system (being expats) for 8 years and have to decide whether to move back to the UK for secondary education or stay here. Believe me, you’re at the start of a long journey! Good luck. Hope he gets in. #ShareWithMe

  • Oh I remember this time a year ago this was us…. it really sneaks up on you doesn’t it? Congratulations on the next milestone of your little ones life. Brave you to homeschool but I felt the same if I didn’t get my first two choices either. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. Please note it’s the very last SWM for 2015 and a special edition, year in review so you can link up your favorite four post from this year if you would like and I will return in the New Year ready to read all your amazing blog posts again. #sharewithme
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