What Affects the Battery Life of Your Kid’s Toys?

Power wheel are the perfect gifting option for kids. There are so many options for both boys and girls, and seeing them drive on their mini-car is an absolute joy. And you can shop for your kid’s favorite vehicle online quickly with an informative buyer’s guide.

But, it’s annoying when your kid wants to drive their power wheels Maserati, and the vehicle goes out of battery. You want to extend the battery life, and it depends on the real-time information about the factors that affect the overall performance. They are –

Charging Time

Charging time can be a crucial aspect affecting the battery life of your kid’s power wheels. The charging time and how much you can use it after will depend on the ride’s voltage. The first-time charging may take significantly longer hours than the subsequent charges depending on the voltage. 

6 V power wheels may take you 10 hours initial time and 6 hours for subsequent charges. 12 V may take 18 hours for the initial charge and 12 hours for subsequent charges. 24 V may take you 18 hours and approximately the same for subsequent charges as well. Frequently charging the power wheels after use as per the stated charging time will improve your battery’s life.


Overcharging the vehicle other than the required charging time may adversely affect the battery life of your kid’s ride. Charging the battery continuously for more than 12-15 hours is not recommended. Since your power wheel charger is not an automatic one, it will keep pumping voltage other than the required amount. 

Leaving the vehicle on charging for more than a day can cause specific internal damage to the battery you definitely don’t want.

Disconnecting After Use

An ideal way to improve your kid’s power wheels battery life is to disconnect the battery and remove it from the unit after use. It will prevent any drainage of the battery or any other sort of damage. After disconnecting it, you should store the battery in a warm climate.

Natural Discharge of Battery

The battery life of your kid’s vehicle also depends on how frequently you are charging it. There may be some climate reasons or other reasons when your kid is not regularly riding it. This will naturally discharge the vehicle in some time, and leaving the power wheels discharged for months is not proper for the battery. In most cases, a dead battery’s primary reason is the power wheels’ sitting time or not charging it while at rest.

To stretch the battery lifespan, you need to charge the battery once every two to three months, even when not using it. It is crucial to consider that you don’t charge the battery for more than the required time, depending on the power voltage. Anywhere between 8 to 12 hours should be good enough to charge the battery in storage mode.

If you adhered to all the battery instructions and responsibly charged your kid’s power wheels, it is more likely to increase its lifespan. You can always go for a replacement battery just in case.

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