What Can You Do With a Spare Room?

There are many things you can do with your spare room. Not only can you make it practical, but you can also design it so that can be relaxing or fun. Whether you need a space to get some undisturbed work done, or a welcoming room for guests, or a space for entertainment, there are an unlimited amount of ideas.

When thinking about what you can do with your spare room, why not consider how it can easily become an office? Whether you need to work from home, or a productive space where you get on sending emails, or paying bills, without other distractions. For this room you will need a work surface space, for your home PC or laptop, and adequate storage for filing, and stationary. You may want to use this space as also a home library. So shelving will not only store your books but designed creatively can also add a uniqueness to your room.



A guest bedroom, for your friends and family to have their own comfortable space when they visit, might be a priority for your spare room, so you might want to get a divan base for the spare mattress? Bedstar are a company which offers a range of divan bases. It’s a versatile product which comes in a range of style options, also providing plenty of storage solutions. Also in your guest room wardrobes and draws will give your visitors space to put their luggage, and fabric chairs and small sofas will give them their own space to relax in.



Maybe you’re wanting a space where you can escape, such as a games and entertainment room? Think about your favourite activities, whether it’s watching movies on the big screen and surround sound, video gaming, a game of poker or pool, or socialising with friends, there’s so much you can do personalise this room. There are lots of online companies where you can buy free standing, or get a bespoke drinks bar made. Auction sites offer games equipment and one off design pieces to make this room unique, and function exactly the way you want it to.

You might be thinking about that place in your home to use as a laundry room. This room can not only be a space for cleaning, drying and ironing your laundry but also for minor clothing repairs, stain removal, shoe care and clothing storage. Small storage units can be used for spare buttons, and loose change, and bigger units will be useful for detergents, and other laundry products. There are fixed wall clothes rails, and free standing rails, to hang shirts up to dry, and to air you ironing properly.

Do you have a spare room? What do you use it for?


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  • We have a 4 bedroomed house, and as time has passed and we are more and more unlikely to have to put anyone up for a few days, the room usage has now changed.
    We have our main bedroom, the 2nd bedroom is now my wife’s craft and sewing room, the 3rd bedroom my wife uses for clothes and make-up though this does contain a futon, and I’ve always had the tiny 4th bedroom as my office!