What Does It Take? 100% Character Uncovered with Universal Channel

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A few nights ago I was sat watching my TV, in-between emails, hearing of some incredible people and the incredible things that they have done. There were acts of service, creation of campaigns, as well as acts of heroism, helping people around them. It really inspired me and made me think about what it would be like to help someone in that way.

Then, through Universal Channel’s 100% Character Uncovered campaign, I heard about the inspiring stories of Amir and Lorraine. Two completely ordinary people, doing extraordinary things with the circumstances they are in. So you can understand a little more about what I am talking about, watch this video about Amir’s inspiring story here:

He was a normal person that just happened to grow up in a rough area. What stood out for me was that in that kind of environment, he needed to stand out from the crowd. It would be very easy to go along with things; join in with what everyone else was doing. More people around him were heading to prison than furthering their education. But he saw things differently. He knew what it would take. He saw that he needed to make changes and take action.


Something as simple as buying and selling bikes changed his life. Seeing the value in that he created ‘Your Bike’​. It is a project that gives young people training and employment opportunities. Being from the same background he can completely relate to them, and knows how hard it must be to get employed and past certain stereotypes. I loved how he said that this was like throwing a stepladder back to other people from where he came from. Then it gives them a step up to change their life too.


Lorraine’s story is equally motivating and impressive too. She decided to become a Lifeboat Crew Member after she had experienced being capsized out at sea. She was just 17 years old when it happened and no rescue crew were around. That in itself is a scary thing, but it has changed her life. Using this experience, it motivated her to want to save others. I can’t even imagine the rigorous training that would be involved when you want to become a lifeboat volunteer. Learn more about her here.

I don’t know about you but it leaves me feeling motivated and inspired. It really gets me thinking about what does it take to help others and improve the community and environment that I am in? I am so impressed at the passion, drive and perseverance that both Amir and Lorraine have. It has certainly got me thinking about how little I do and what difference I could actually make.

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What has this made you feel? Are you inspired to make some changes?


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