What I Have Learnt From Using Instagram


Instagram is fast becoming my favourite social media platform by far. I have been using it for around two years and I am constantly learning about it and the best ways to use it.

Now, I am not an expert but I have changed a few things about how I post, to get the optimum reach. I suppose at the end of the day it depends on what you want to get out of Instagram but if like me, you want to promote yourself and your blog, I will let you know what I have done to more than double the number of comments and likes that I receive on each post.

Timing is Everything

I would just post as and when before and not really think about when I was posting. Since I have been watching the times that I post I have so much more interaction. I use to rarely get comments but my comment number has increased and likes more than doubled. It seems like the best times to post are before 9am and then after 7pm. Have you noticed much difference in the times that you post? From my experience of Twitter, Instagram is the complete opposite. Twitter seems to work best for interaction during the normal working day.


I have always used a fair number of hashtags – my brother would often say to me ‘hashtag too many hashtags’ πŸ˜‰ and in a sense, he was right. I have found using hashtags in a comment, rather than a caption, make your photo look better and if you use a few, they aren’t all shown in a comment. It is also really important to not use too many generic hashtags. You need to remember that they are things that people would search for – if it is a random sentence that you made up, it really is quite pointless on there. Also think about avoiding too many generic hashtags like #kids or #family and use more specific ones like #messyplayideas or #childhoodunplugged.

Caption Action

Before, I would quite often use an emoji or a single word in my caption. Occasionally this works if you are posting a quote for example but generally a caption on each picture really helps. I thought about the accounts that I like and they all have a descriptive caption. It helps you to get to know the person and their life and allows you to relate more. If you are using Instagram for blog promotion, then it will give people more about you and then if they like what they see and read, it gives them a clue about your blog and makes them more likely to stop by.


If you want to grow your blog through Instagram, I don’t think you should have your profile switched to private. Hashtags are pretty much pointless if you have it on private and your pictures won’t come up in searches. If you are concerned about privacy, don’t share names or locations and post about things you have been doing, after you have done it. You could always have a personal account that is private and then one that you share different things on, relating to your blog and blogging audience.

How do you find Instagram works for you? Would you add any tips to the list? Oh, and you can follow me on Instagram HERE πŸ˜‰

Rebecca x

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