What I wish I’d Known When I Started a Blog… (revisited)

About a year ago I was asked by someone of any tips or advice I would give for someone starting out with a blog. I have been asked quite a few times recently too so I thought I would update, as I think I’ve learnt even more in the past year.

  1. WordPress vs Blogger – still stand by my original thoughts and my preference is WordPress. One new thing I have learnt though is that it is probably best to go self-hosted via WordPress (wordpress.org) as you can’t really make money from a WordPress.com blog. I think they have a better overall look and I’ve even got the app on my phone now (don’t believe Blogger has one) so it’s really handy to get notifications of comments and can even update posts from it.
  2. Get Involved with Blog Hops & Linkys – this is quite a new revelation to me, I didn’t really know they existed before. Yes, you need to be pretty organised as you need an appropriate post for each linky on the day the linky is live, but it’s so great to be involved in what feels like a bit more of a community. It is also a great way to discover new blogs and you get to leave comments on other blogs as well as receive comments on your own blog. Plus, you are putting your links here, there and everywhere which helps your page rank and domain authority.
  3. Add Labels & Tags – I’m not entirely sure how this works on Blogger but on WordPress, if you add categories and labels to your posts, other bloggers can search them and find your posts. Or if they are writing about a similar topic, they will be able to see suggested relevant posts. This will help you to get more followers and get more likes and shares.
  4. Be Social – if you want your blog to grow and to get involved with PRs and product reviews, you need to get involved in social media on  a daily basis and share, share, share! Make sure you have a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page for your blog if you want one. You can share all of your posts on them and can follow other like-minded bloggers. Plus, in you are a parent blogger, networks such as Tots 100, use these, amongst other things, to determine your blogging score. Make sure you RT and favourite peoples tweets as it’s all very well having a certain number of followers but it’s even better if your followers are interactive with you.
  5. Get Social Media Buttons –   I also think it’s a great idea to get social media buttons on your blog sidebar. It can be most annoying when you’re on a blog and want to follow on Twitter but you don’t know how to find them. Likewise for something like BlogLovin’.

Hope these tips are useful. I think I’ll review this every now and again as I am constantly learning!


Rebecca x

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