What I’ve Been Watching Lately

The last time that I wrote a post like this, it was back in May. And with the summer and partial lockdown still been going on, and one of my businesses not back up and running until the end of September, there has been a few month’s worth of shows and movies to catch up on. I am always on the lookout for new recommendations, so I hope that this post is useful to others – what have you been watching lately?


I first saw this on Amazon Prime Video in the summer, and was intrigued as to what it was about. After a little bit of digging I found that it never made it over to the UK when it was released back in 2017. You can pay for the first season on Amazon, or if you’re like me, and don’t want to have to pay for a service that you already pay for, then you could download a VPN to your laptop or phone, and then you can trick your phone into thinking that it is in the US; then you can watch the US Netflix (which annoyingly, does have different things to watch than the UK version – what is that about)?!

There are two seasons, of ten episodes each, so if you have a 7-day free trial for a VPN like I did, you can easily get it all watched. Well, if you watch a couple of episodes a day! It is a dark comedy, which is a particular favourite genre of mine, all about a con-artist. The main character Maddie Jonson (with no H) wasn’t particularly likeable, but really, it is all about her three exes, the Bumblers. For me, they are the ones that make the show. I feel like there should have been more than two seasons; the Rotten Tomatoes rating is off the charts, and it is a really fun idea. I also have no idea why it never made it over the atlantic? Oh well!


This is on ITV, and I only watched on ITVPlayer after seeing so many recommendations of it. Don’t shoot me, but normally, David Tennant isn’t my favourite actor (soz, not a Dr. Who fan over here). This was quite dark, but very interesting, especially when you learn it is based on a real serial killer.

I find the psychology of crime really interesting, so it was great for some wider reading afterwards (such a geek, I know). But the three episodes of Des really are brilliant. I was hooked, and the cast were phenomenal. Converted to Tennant? I think so.

How to Get Away with Murder – Final Season

I know that the HTGAWM final season will come out in the UK soon, but I had some time on my hands so I couldn’t wait (another VPN job for the US version of Netflix). If you haven’t watched any of the series, then you really need to! But for those waiting for the new season, I won’t give away any spoilers, but it is incredible and definitely worth waiting for. In true HTGAWM style the last few episodes are full to the brim with all sorts going on, and with allllll of the emotions too. I laughed, I cried…. oh, so good.

Love Life

This was on BBC iPlayer and watched a a result of a recommendation from a friend. It is a 10-part series with Anna Kendrick, about, as the same suggests, her love life. I liked that each episode is named after a new person, and then what happens with them, all in the quest to find the one, that arrives in a way that she would have never expected. It is easy to watch and funny in a lot of parts, but really relatable.

A Life on Our Planet

This is David Attenborough’s new documentary on Netflix, and I couldn’t write this list without including it. It is powerful and pretty shocking in parts. If you watch it and don’t want to change any of your lifestyle or behaviours, then I don’t know what will.


Filmed in lockdown, this is a short series on iPlayer featuring David Tennant and Michael Sheen. They were meant to be doing a play together before the pandemic hit, so they decided to film this instead. it is all done on Zoom, and pretty much sums up my feelings towards Zoom! Ha! It has some deadpan humour which I love, and with episodes only fifteen or twenty minutes long, it is easy to watch entertainment.

The Fall

I know, I know, late to the party on this one. But since this came on Netflix, I had to give it a watch. I am a big Gillian Anderson fan, and she is brilliant in this. It is pretty dark, and not for the faint-hearted, but it is quite a compelling. As I have said, I am quite into the psychology of things, so from that point of view, it was an interesting watch.


This is a new movie on Netflix, a remake on the classic novel. I haven’t read the book, but have seen another version of the movie before. Some elements were a little different, but I was impressed with the cast (especially Armie Hammer’s British accent). It is a good story still, though, so definitely worth a watch.

Unsolved Mysteries

There is a second series of this on Netflix that I am working my way though, and it is just so fascinating. To hear of all of these crimes that have not been solved is so shocking, and how these poor friends and families have had to live with the uncertainty for so long. Some can be a little harrowing, though, so it won’t be for everyone.

Emily in Paris

If you love a rom-com, then this is a must. It is cheesy, but still easy watching and pretty cute. Set in Paris it is pretty dreamy, and the cast are all beautiful. It is made by the creator of Sex and the City, so it does have that kind of vibe.

American Murder: The Family Next Door

This is a documentary and it is quite heartbreaking, to be honest. It is all about a man that killed his family, including wife, two daughters, and the unborn baby that the wife was pregnant with. If you’re into serial killer kind of documentaries, which from this list I am seeing that I am, then this will be worth a watch.


This is on Disney+ and comes from the director of Five Feet Apart, which is a movie that I balled my eyes out at! This is another like the same. It is based on a true story, and it is just incredible. It is sad, but there is a lot of happiness that has come out of it. Worth a watch.

The Right Stuff

This is another Disney+ addition, with a new episode released each Friday. It is a series based on John Glenn and the other six astronauts that were being trained in the great space race back in the fifties and sixties. the cast is great, with Patrick Adams (Mike Ross from suits) taking the lead role.

The Handmaid’s Tale

I think that this is one of the most powerful things that I have watched in a long time. I’m still not over it. It is an incredible series, and I can’t wait for the fourth season to come out some time next year. There are so many points that are relatable to life, with oppression and extremism, and so on, that it is bizarrely quite relatable to watch.

It is pretty heavy going, so do bear that in mind, and you’ll feel a lot of emotions. Anger, sadness, frustration, happiness, and joy. There was one episode, season two episode five, where my heart was breaking and I couldn’t hold back the tears. It is so good, though, and the cast is stellar.

Have you got anything else that you would add to the list? It would be great to hear what you think.

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