What To Do When You Find Love On Your Travels

There’s nothing quite like the first flutters of romance–especially when you meet someone special while you’re on your travels. You get to experience exploring a new place with somebody as well as getting to know them and finding you have lots of things in common.
However, what happens when you fall in love…and then you have to go home? 

Here’s how to make a relationship with your vacation fling work out long term. 

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Talk. All the time. 

Relationships thrive on communication and communication alone. It doesn’t matter whether you live with your partner or are in a long-distance relationship, communication always matters. However, for the long-distance couple, communication can be a challenging aspect. The things that can be said with a hug and a kiss in person need to be communicated in different ways while the couples are living apart. More and more people over the world are experiencing the need to communicate with their loved ones in different ways, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Modern technology offers a wide range of apps, websites, and networks that allow people to stay in contact with each other easier than others.

So pick up the phone, launch that zoom call and send that text to let your beau know that you’re thinking about them. 

Resolve Your Differences 

Couples fight. However, if you want to maintain a healthy long-distance relationship, then you should still try to live by the golden rule of not going to bed with unresolved conflict. This is especially important for couples with differences in the time zone in addition to their distance. Feelings of loneliness and being unheard cause tensions in most relationships, but it is incredibly important to be open and honest with your partner when loneliness hits.

So, as well as talking things through, Talk to your partner about how you wish to resolve the issues that may arise and make a commitment to deal with them every time. 

Make Future Plans 

It’s really important to discuss your future relationship ambitions, such as what your ideal Sunday together will look like, the first place you’ll go together when the travel restrictions are lifted, and what you’d like your next steps to be if nothing were holding you back. So you might have to end up knowing how to apply for a fiance visa UK, or learn to navigate some tricky cultural differences, but having a plan for the future can make the hard parts of being away from your partner worth it. 

Live Your Own Life, Too 

As much as LDR couples may dream of being the ‘joint at the hip couple’, becoming too dependent on their partners can raise some red flags in a relationship- long-distance or otherwise. 
Even during the times you find yourself being emotionally vulnerable, it’s important to keep pursuing personal hobbies and interests without your person. Yes, it’s perfectly good and fine for a partner to bring happiness, but relying on that joy coming from a partner is less OK.

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