What You Need to Know About Changing Your Home’s Windows

Making sure that the windows at your property are in good condition is essential. Not only do damaged windows lead to problems like damp and drafts, but they can also pose a security risk if they are easy to manipulate and open, too. Some indicators that your windows need replacing include mold around the frames, damp spots, high energy bills/quick loss of heat when the radiators are switched off. However, before you call in the specialist to take measurements for your new windows, here are a few things you need to know. 

Compare Prices

When hiring an expert tradesman, unfortunately, there is a risk of getting a ‘cowboy’ who will take advantage of your lack of knowledge. To help reduce the chances of getting ripped off, do some research into the average cost of getting windows replaced, and make sure you’re getting quotes from a few specialists. This way, you can compare the prices, and if one is very cheap or very expensive, you should be wary of whether or not this quote and the work are going to be legitimate. 

The Look

While replacing your windows is a practical thing to do, don’t forget how they can change the appearance of your home, too. While you might not have the budget to do anything elaborate, consider what kind of glass you want (e.g., frosted, stained, etc.) and what type of frames would look best. If you look at sites such as timberwindows-direct.co.uk you can find some examples of timber frames, and how they can improve upon the usual white plastic frames that you see in homes. 

Double or Triple Glazing?

Double glazed windows are the standard when it comes to windows, but some choose to add that extra layer of glass when they’re having new ones put in. Why? Some of the pros to triple glazing are that it provides better insulation, so if you live in a colder part of the world, perhaps this would be appealing to you to help with damp proofing. It can also be more durable and harder to break, making them slightly more secure than double glazing. However, triple glazing is more expensive, and depending on your budget and circumstances, it might not be worth the extra cost.


While the double vs. triple glazing debate will include thinking about durability, the standard of the glass itself will also contribute to this. Homes must have strong windows that can withstand adverse weather conditions, flying footballs, and other objects that might accidentally collide with a window. Although glass is fragile, for your domestic windows, it’s essential to get the strongest you can afford. Ask the window specialist who is replacing your windows for more advice on this. 

Repair or Replace?

Finally, think carefully about whether or not you need to replace the entire window or if it just needs repairing. For example, a cracked pane can be fixed without having to remove the whole window frame, etc. Replacing windows in their entirety can be expensive, so make sure this is necessary before you do this. 

Use the points above as a helpful guide the next time you need to replace your windows and make sure you get the best results. 

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