What’s in a name?

If you have a spare 10 minutes, you HAVE to watch the clip below. This woman, Katie Hopkins, is awful. I recently saw on her Twitter feed that she wrote: ‘Ginger babies. Like a baby. Just so much harder to love.’ Awful. She seriously is a moose.

Anyway, what do you think to the debate in the clip about her only allowing her children (Poppy, India and Maximilian) to play or socialise with children with similar names? She says she won’t allow her children to be friends with a child called Tyler or Chantelle, for example, saying that because of their name, they are the lowest common denominator and will be a bad influence / never achieve anything. Because of their name. Before meeting the child. Or their family. Just from hearing their name.

I think that it’s fair enough after getting to know someone and you know by then if they are a bad influence or not and then you could cut ties, but she says her children just can’t associate with children ‘like that’ in the first place. I must admit that sometimes I cringe slightly when I hear what some people have called their children, but that only means that I don’t like the parents choice of name – it doesn’t mean that that child will be a certain way and that I won’t like that child. I just think to judge like that is such a terrible, snobby attitude to have. (Plus, she contradicts herself as she says she doesn’t like children that are named after places – but one of her daughters is called India??? Apparently, that’s  much more upper class that being called Brooklyn on Paris. She is off her head!)

Does our name determine our destiny? I strongly think not. We shouldn’t be judging people anyway, let alone be judging them only because of their name. I worry though when idiotic people like her are around, it could become a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy ‘ Well if snobs like her think I am a waste of space, I will be a waste of space’ type of mentality.

What do you think? Answers on a postcard…

Rebecca x

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