What’s the Best Way To Clean Your Bathroom Using Natural Cleaning products?

When cleaning your bathroom some areas can be more challenging than others, the shower head being one of those tricky areas to get sparkling clean. End of Tenancy Cleaning London is here to help give you the best advice and take you through a step by step procedure on how to achieve that professional level of cleanliness.

Your shower head comes into contact with hard water on a regular basis, because of this the build up of limes can catch up and become uncontrollable very quickly. The build up of limescale can cause blockages and affect pressure and water flow of the shower head. Being able to stay on top of this will help to reduce the risk of build up, blockages, mood and bacteria. Cleaning your shower head isn’t as hard as you may think, using the correct products can help you keep your shower head sparkling and free from germs and bacteria.

Now firstly you must decide which cleaning product is suitable, we always offer advice on using all natural cleaning products. This is because we are aware of the damage harsh cleaning chemicals can cause to your health. Most shop bought cleaning products contain many different harmful chemicals, these chemicals can cause chemical burns if spilt on the skin and respiratory issues later on. Some have also reported irritation of the eyes and oesophagus from inhalation of the fumes alone. So moving on our most advised item for this cleaning situation is none other than White Vinegar. White Vinegar is the number one cleaning product that is readily available in all shops and supermarkets. It is affordable and most homes will already have it lying around in their kitchen cupboards. It is very important that you use White Vinegar, as Brown Vinegar may stain and Malt Vinegar isn’t very effective. Next you need to establish whether your shower head can be removed or whether it is fixed in place, don’t worry both can be cleaned effectively the equipment needed may be slightly different. Let’s look at cleaning a fixed shower head first.

Items you will need:

1. Sturdy Plastic bag (big enough for the shower head to fit inside) 

2. White Vinegar 

3. Rubber band/Cable tie or Tape

4. Old Toothbrush

First you will need to place the shower head inside of the plastic bag, once it is inside fill the bag with your White vinegar. Be sure to hold the bag tightly so not to eat any of the white vinegar out. Once the bag is filled (ensure the shower head is fully submerged, take your elastic band or cable tie and secure it around the neck of the shower head. This will allow you to come away instead of standing there holding it. Ensure it is tight so it doesn’t fall off once you let go. You can now leave the shower head to soak for at least 12 hours. There are certain shower heads that might not be suitable toosoak for that long, for example Brass, Gold and Nickel shower heads are more delicate; these should not be soaked for longer than 30 minutes. Once the required time has passed you can remove the bag carefully and pour the White vinegar down the drain. Turn the shower head on flowing Hot water through the head. This will remove any loose mineral deposits. You can finally use your Old toothbrush to scrub the water ports/sprayers this will knock off any limescale buildup that is stuck on. The white vinegar will have loosened this build up so it should knock off with minimal effort. This completes the cleaning of your shower head. As for shower heads that can be removed from the wall the process remains the same however you can use a bucket or bowl to soak the shower head in instead of the bag.

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