When The Clocks Go Forward (and You Have Young Kids)

The clocks spring forward on Sunday 29th March 2015, we lose an hour of sleep but hey, spring is on its way! But for many parents the clock change and lighter evenings can present a myriad of problems where hard-won bedtime strategies can fall apart.

Don’t fear! Warren Evans, London’s bedroom specialists, and their Sleep Advisor, Dave Gibson, have prepared a few practical tips for you. So you can help the whole family make the transition smoothly and you can sleep soundly and naturally this spring time.


Good luck with your little ones next weekend!

Rebecca x

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  • We were out of the country when the clocks changed, so when we came back it was an extra hour different. My boys always have such a tough time adjusting and seem to just wake up earlier no matter what way the clocks change. Thanks for the tips!

  • Great tips here – I am going to re-read and re-read!! He’s a lot bigger at two and a half this year so I may find it’s all very different to last year! Thanks for posting the advice! #mummymonday

  • Great tips! Luke is a “good” sleeper, but I feel he’s really going to notice it this time now he’s 19 months old. I will be reading and re-reading and praying! Thanks for posting this advice up!! Ray xx #MummyMondays

  • Since our holiday abroad earlier this month, Corey has been waking early every morning for the first time in 4 years. I am officially going stir crazy as I am not a morning person. Hadn’t even considered that the lights go forward and will be brighter even earlier – dreading it already. Blackout blinds are going to be a must I think!! Thanks for the great tips :):)

    thanks for joining in on #mummymonday 🙂 love, Gemma – host xo