Why Hire a Cleaning Company for Your Home and Office?

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A well-kept house is a joy to have, and the same with offices. When we live and work in a clean environment, productivity improves ten-fold. The importance of having a clean office is usually underestimated. Office cleaning is usually looked at as an added and unnecessary expense, however if you consider the holistic negative effects of not cleaning your office, they outweigh the expenses of getting your office cleaned. It can be something that you can do yourself, but outsourcing can mean professional equipment can be used, such as products from Intelligent Design Manufacturing.

Let’s look at a few issues related to working in germ-ridden environment:

Low Staff Morale: No one wants to work in a dirty environment. Let alone come into an office and sit there for 8 to 9 hours every day with all the germs, dust, and dirt all around you. It also makes the staff feel like they are not valued enough to be working in a well-kept environment. According to a health and safety study done on hand hygiene, researchers found that the usual office desk has almost 10 million types of bacteria! Find out more here.

High Sickness Rates: It is a well-documented notion that a dirty environment is an un-healthy one, and makes people sick more often than a clean one. Thus, the rate of illnesses within staff in the office is higher and productivity levels are lower. They are also most likely to be unhappy coming to work in an office that makes them sick so often, they will look for somewhere else where the grass is greener. 

When people are weak due to illnesses, they do not feel like working and this puts off a lot of tasks because they take a lot of absences and work gets left behind, its like a rolling-moss it gets worse and worse for the overall office’s profits and ROI – Return of Investment. Not to mention the clients are the first to get affected by these low productivity levels.

Therefore, to ensure that your employees and customers are kept disease free, you must hire a cleaning company, who can help in making sure that your premise is always kept clean and hygienic. You can also consider methods such as Rapid Antigen Test Kits to ensure that individuals entering your premises have been tested and are disease free. This will ensure that one infected person does not infect the whole office. If someone has entered the premises that has tested positive, a cleaning company can help deep clean and disinfect the area to prevent any further spread of the disease.

Bad First Impression to Clients, Visitors and Staff: If you work in an office that needs for clients to come in for meetings or visits regularly. It would not paint a very good picture for them to see an un-kept office, that’s dirty and not well-looked after. They will get a bad impression and will know that you do not take pride in your office so why should you take pride in them as your client? It’s all about first impressions.

What’s the solution?

Hiring a full-service well-established cleaning company, is the solution to avoid all of the above issues. You can check out sites like https://www.cleaningworldinc.com or https://www.greenfacilities.co.uk/ to know what cleaning services you need. Look for a company that provides both commercial and residential cleaning services that offer reliable and professional teams of cleaners. Most of which are cost-effective.

What to look for in a cleaning service and some questions to ask?

– How many years of experience do they have i.e. Are they well-established?

– Are their staff fully trained professionals?

– Do they work according to your timing requirements and understand the importance of carrying out their cleaning service with minimal disruption?

– Do they have high standards of service that includes monitoring their staff?

– Do they meet scrupulous cleaning standards and strict Health and Safety policies?

– Do they promote green commercial cleaning methods and products that are environmentally friendly and safe to use?

– Are they fully insured and do they provide a risk assessment? 

– Does their website have any client testimonials, and what do they say?

– Remember to always speak to them face-to-face instead of the phone, especially the first time.

– Do they cover all areas including floor cleaning, work surfaces, ceilings and even equipment in and around the office?

– Some companies post before and after pictures on their websites; it’s worth taking a look at these and finding out if they are legitimate.

Most specialist in cleaning services provide business cleaning using a team of professional and educated cleaners that can undertake a range of services that include the below:

  • Wall Washing
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • High level dusting
  • Compression washing
  • Deep cleaning of all the vicinities
  • Hard floor cleaning and maintenance

Once this deep-cleaning is completed they also do regular maintenance of the premises as part of their contract with you. Take a look of some professional cleaning companies in London as  https://cleandy.co.uk/ or  https://www.keen-clean.co.uk/

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  • Hi,
    When you have hired a cleaning company make sure that they are aware of the size of your property and your cleaning requirements. Most cleaning companies can provide you free quotes about their prices and services.
    The best way to ensure that the cleaning will be done properly by the end of tenancy cleaning company is to inform the company what you would like to be cleaned in advance. Most cleaning companies will give you some instructions on what it is best to be done before their arrival in order to get the maximum of their services.
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  • Yeah, It’s incredible you explained how business cleaners have all the appropriate hardware and experience for your cleaning needs. By and by, I believe it’s wiser to employ an organization representing considerable authority in a specific undertaking and has all the information to play out its work impeccably. Also, you will not need to stress over their well-being since they’re appropriately prepared for the job. You worked effectively, enrolling the advantages of employing a business cleaning administration.

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  • Thanks for the great tips and for sharing the video too. Really get me back on track with my cleaning routine. Will definitely try to incorporate some cleaning activities in the kids’ schedule!

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