Why I Love Shopping Online

I have always loved a bit of retail therapy. When I was a teenager, it was nearly every weekend with girly friends. Quite often just browsing but trying on outfits and mooching around town. When I was at Uni, it was pretty similar, wandering into town every so often. I studied in Leeds that is fabulous for shopping. So there was every shop that you ever need, and it was all walking distance away (that was good in some ways but dangerous in others; Hello student loan)!

Since moving south and now living in a village, it is a bit of a hassle getting to the nearest town. Well, the nearest that has all the shops that I want to go to. Paying to park is super expensive where I am (said town that I want to go to is in a London borough). Once you’ve thrown in kids and traffic, it just doesn’t seem worth it. So I do a lot of shopping online.


I use to do everything online, even my supermarket shopping. I’m never organised enough to do that these days (unless there is a money off voucher to use). But for everything else, I can’t remember the last time I shopped in town. And you’ll never see me hitting up the shops at Christmas time. Online all the way!

As I have stated above, there are a few costs involved when you go to town. Paying to park and the hassle of taking the kids. It is not their favourite thing to do so they play up, and it gets stressful for everyone. For me, I know I spend less when I shop online. There is no sweet shop that the kids want to stop in or a Costa for me to grab a hot chocolate.

There are of course costs for delivery when you shop online, but more and more places now do free click & collect services. If they have an out-of-town shop to collect from, I’m there. Quite often I’m spending over the minimum spend anyway, so the postage is free. I work from home, so I’m pretty much always in to get parcels. Those along with blogging things being delivered must make my postman hate me!

I like that you can buy almost anything online. You can buy almost everything online. There are a lot more choices on offer than just the usual high street chain stores too. There are a lot more small business that have websites to buy from. I know a couple of bloggers that have a shop online too so it’s nice to support them when I can. If a shop is out of your size, they can order in, but it means another trip into town. If it is out of stock online, you can be notified when it is back in and get it sent straight out.

I also like that you can shop safely when you are online. As long as you are looking at the right sites, you know your payment details are protected. It is nice to have peace of mind that you are buying from reputable shops, with the likes of varied online chemists that have to be certified.

Do you shop online much? I know some people are pro-high street. I would be if I lived closer but for me at the moment, online just works out better.


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