Why Thailand is a Great Option for Families

When planning a family holiday it’s often difficult to know where to take yourselves. There’s so much to consider; from convenience to safety to expense; as well as choosing somewhere with plenty of family friendly activities. Thailand may not strike you as a family friendly holiday destination but there are some beautiful islands that would make for the perfect getaway. 

If Thailand appeals to you, here’s a step by step guide on what to think about, from booking your flights to places to visit:

Cheap flights

Gone are the days where you could just jump on a plane spontaneously! When travelling as a family, budgeting for your holiday is imperative. It isn’t just your flights to account for anymore, and that can get pretty pricey. Fortunately, there are some more affordable holiday destinations out there, and Koh Samui in Thailand is one of them.

A long haul flight with kids might sound like your worst nightmare, but there are ways that it can be done without you going mad!

  1. When you book your flights consider your children’s schedule. Time it right so that they will sleep or nap during the flight!
  2. Pack as little as possible- sounds impossible, right? Calculate exactly what clothes you will need but also be aware that you can buy things like nappies and wipes when you arrive.
  3. The no liquid rule doesn’t apply to baby milk and baby purées.
  4. Snacks are essential for the flight but if all else fails, there’s no shame in letting the treat bag loose.
  5. Keep colouring books, sticker books and tablets handy!! Don’t punish yourself for giving your child the ipad- it is after all an exceptional situation and they’ll be having plenty of screen free time once you reach your destination. 

Natural beauty

It’s no secret that Thailand is a beautiful part of the world. Dip your toes in crystal clear ocean, soak up the mountainous views and enjoy the glossy, green jungles and rainforests.

Where to stay

So, you’ve picked your destination, now to choose between a hotel or villa. While there are plenty of reasons to book a hotel, If you’re travelling in a large group, a villa is your best bet. You can take it in turns cooking, and make meals suitable for the whole family. When the kids are in bed the adults can still socialise and have some chill time, too.

You can treat the villa like a home from home- the villa becomes part of the holiday experience. Pick somewhere with beautiful views and a pleasant, child friendly terrace so that you can sit back and watch the world go by. You’ll find the perfect luxury villa on the stunning island of Koh Samui.

What to do

Aside from relaxing on one of Thailand’s stunning sugar sand beaches, there’s plenty to entertain the little ones:

  • New tastes: Thailand has a great culture to get stuck into as well as incredible food for you all to try.
  • Phang Nga Bay: Rent a kayak or canoe to enjoy this iconic spot.
  • Coco Splash Adventure & Water park: With rides to suit all ages, this is a family day out not to be missed.
  • Aqua park Samui: This inflatable water park at Chaweng beach will keep your older children busy for hours.
  • Kok Chang Safari: Meander through the Thai jungle taking in views of the ocean- on an elephant’s back! A bucket list moment, for sure!
  • Dino Park Mini Golf: Enjoy 18 holes of golf whilst learning about prehistoric creatures! This is a great activity for the evening so you can see the volcano erupt in all its glory!
  • Samui Canopy Adventure: You’ll be at one with nature as you zip line from tree to tree through stunning Thai rainforests. 

Thailand really is such a hidden gem for families of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for some winter sun, look no further than Thailand!

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