Why Toddler Playtime Is Critical For Their Development

Screams of excitement, raucous laughter, the pitter patter of little feet running across the floor. These are all the sounds of toddlers playing and having fun, and it is for more than just keeping them occupied. Toddlers are in the formative stages of their development as a human and are starting to see the world for the first time. Socialising is one of the most important things a child has to figure out and it is tough to do if they don’t start playing with other kids. Toddler playtime is extremely important to get them to learn how to properly socialise with other people, as well as build cognitive function, and motor skills.

Socialisation is a big part of being successful and happy in life. It is hard to get anything accomplished if you don’t know how to talk to people or handle social situations, so get your children started as young as you can. Daycare services are a wonderful resource for this, as well as things like playdates with other parents and their children. Not only will your child learn how to play and share, but they will also learn to think on their own and develop mobility and coordination. It is crucial that you help your toddler develop social skills at a young age, so don’t be scared to get them out there.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly why it is so important that your toddler gets enough playtime every day.

You’ll Raise A Social Butterfly

None of us would be where we are today without learning how to socialise with other people. Communication is so important to get what you want in life, so learning the right skills can be huge. A toddler is just starting to walk around, talk a little bit, and overall notice the world around them more. Playtime, especially with other children, will serve to help your toddler learn the dos and don’ts of socialising at a young age. This will teach them to respect others, share, and work in a team or group. You want to encourage your toddler to be social but also try to correct improper behaviour when they are socialising.

It Will Hone Fine Motor Skills

Coordination and mobility are essential to physical development for a child. Have you ever noticed toddlers’ sort of walk around like they are always tipsy? This is because they are just starting to get a feel for things such as walking or even grasping objects. By allowing them lots of playtime you are letting them figure things out for themselves, with maybe just a little help from mum or dad. Your toddler is going to start learning how their arms, legs, hands, and feet operate and start trying all kinds of new things. Get them picking stuff up, stacking things, walking and running, anything that is going to take motor skills and focus, you will be getting them on the right path.

Helps Cognitive Behaviour Develop

The most basic way to explain cognitive behaviour is this; it is learning and thinking. Obviously, there is a far more scientific definition, but in layman’s terms, it is exactly that. Your toddler will start to get curious about everything and you want to let them explore that curiosity. You want them to start learning things on their own, even if it is as simple as not petting the dog too roughly or pulling Spot’s ears. They will start developing cognitive behaviour patterns that stick with them through life and give them a basis for furthering their brain function.

Play It Again, Kid

Sure, you may be absolutely exhausted and tired of running after their little legs all day, but it is all going to be worth it in the long run. Giving your toddler enough quality time to play and have fun comes with a host of positive benefits. No one ever said raising a child is going to be easy, it can be mentally and physically demanding, but the pride you get from raising a well-rounded member of society will be worth all the exhaustion in the world.

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  • I completely agree with this and the last part! I love taking care of kids even though it’s hard to keep up with them when they are too active. But like what you’ve said, it’s all worth it.

  • I personally thinks it’s more important than ever to engage in real physical activities with your children. Now a days everyone is so caught up staring at screens we tend to miss out on the joy of just doing simple things with our kids. In my opinion it’s also very important for toddlers to run around for both their physical and mental well-being.
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  • Play permits children to utilize their inventiveness while developing their creative mind, ability, physical, mental, and enthusiastic strength. Play is important to healthy brain development. Through play, children at an early age connect with and collaborate in their general surroundings. Thanks for such wonderful post.