Winter SOS: New Season Skincare Changes

Brr, it’s cold in here…

Eek! It’s getting colder and I’m feeling it. All my winter jumpers have come out of hiding and I’m wearing socks to bed (but more on that later…). Although I am in love with this season, it can wreak havoc on your skin! The constant switch in temperature from bitterly cold outside to stiffling hot central heating inside can cause a myriad of problems. From dry skin woes to oily issues, the answers to your skincare dispairs might be right here! Read on to find out which skincare changes to make to ensure you’re looking gorgeous in time for all those Christmas and New Year parties…ready, set, glam!


  1. Don’t skip SPF

You might be feeling like a hermit crab who hasn’t seen the sun since distant summer days, but believe it or not the sun rays are still just as powerful and can have an even more obvious damaging effect in the snow. So make sure you slather on the sunscreen all over any exposed skin to avoid the ageing effects of sun damage, and use a lip balm with SPF all over the lips too.

  1. Gently does it… careful with that face wash!

If you’re suddenly not loving your usual face wash, it might just be too harsh for your skin in frostier conditions. Colder, drier air can strip natural moisture from your skin leaving it parched and uncomfortable. Try switching to a creamy or balmy cleanser that will clean just as well but keep the skin nourished. Avoid anything containing soap or any foaming formulations – the common drying culprits.

  1. Acne agony

Just because your skin is feeling drier than usual doesn’t mean you won’t be getting pesky pimples. In fact, facialist and skincare guru Caroline Hirons reveals that dehydration actually leads to an increased shedding of dead skin cells. This build up along with daily grime can lead to spots.  You can continue any acne treatment you may already be using, just be kind to your skin afterwards. If you’re not using anything, try introducing an acid toner to refresh and exfoliate the skin, again – remembering to be kind to your skin with plenty of moisture afterwards.


  1. The magic of a mask

If you’re looking to give your skin the ultimate treat this winter, then start using face masks. They deliver the biggest drink of water for dehydrated skin by constantly infusing nourishment. Your skin will be left feeling beautifully smooth and radiant. Not sure where to start? Brilliance New York face mask sets provide a luxurious at-home regimen containing precious ingredients.

  1. All eyes on you

I’m always surprised by how many people I know who don’t use an eye cream. Face moisturiser is too thick for the delicate eye area so you need a dedicated eye cream, gel or serum. Winter is THE time to add this step into your routine to protect sore, creased and dehydrated eyes from the icy winds.


  1. Fancy playing footsie?

Ok, so perhaps the time for showing off  your pedicure in sandals or flip flops is loooong gone. However, while you’re tucking your toes in socks all day you might as well give them some well-deserved post summer TLC with a moisturising treatment. If the thought of cream in your socks during the day makes you squeamish then night time is perfect. Smooth on some nourishing foot balm and then put on a pair of supersoft bed socks and be ready for perfectly pampered feet come the a.m.!

  1. Oils are essential

Be sure to use a high quality plant oil on both the face and body to truly feed the skin what it needs at this time of year. Plant oils are accepted well by the skin’s epidermis and provide wonderful nutrition. You will seriously see the benefits to the look and feel of your skin with oils no matter what your skin type (yes, even if you have oily skin – use oils!). Purchase an almond, olive, coconut, hemp or jojoba oil and let your skin reap the benefits!


Beauty from the inside out…

No matter what you’re applying topically, it’s best to support your skin from the inside too. This time of the year it’s super important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of plain water every day. If festive dining has you skipping your usual healthy meals, then consider taking a multivitamin supplement to make up for where your diet is lacking. On AAUBlog we have another fantastic article all about dry skin prevention in winter here.

I hope you found this article helpful,

we’d love to hear your skin salvation tips in the comments below!

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*If you suffer with any serious skin concerns, always visit a professional dermatologist before making any changes to your skincare routine.

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