Hazy Shade of Winter | Wrapping Up Warm in Knitwear: Some of My Top Picks

I don’t know about where you are, but down here in the south east it has been freezing cold lately. I know we are still in the height of winter, but I’m just not used to it. The other day I was defrosting the car in -5°c, and the other day the temperature didn’t get above -2°c all day. Our garden has been frozen over for quite a while, as it just hasn’t been cold enough for it to defrost.

The hardest thing I find is getting warm on a morning for the school run. If I’m too cold on the school run then I just spend the rest of the day being cold and finding it hard to ‘defrost’ lol. My go-to ‘mum uniform’ is skinny jeans. I pretty much live in my black pair but I have a couple of denim pairs too. Then I throw on some cable knit Uggs or some chelsea ankle boots. I’m after some new knitwear, though. Jumpers are just easy to throw on and cardigans are just great for layering. They are easy to care for too so they don’t need to be ironed first thing in the morning or anything. I am the worst in the morning so anything to make life easier!

Here are some jumpers and cardigans that I’ve been spotting recently so thought I’d share them. Are there any that take your fancy?


French Connection Audrey Textured Knit – £42

I think this one is just a little different. Like the texture of it and its nice and casual for wearing on the school run with jeans and Uggs.

2. Linea Detachable Collar Jumper – £27

I love this one! With black skinnies, ankle boots or brogues and you’re onto a winner!

3. Oasis Shadow Bird Knit Multi-Coloured Knit – £38

As you can probably tell from the majority of my choices, I have a pretty bland wardrobe. Not so good at going wild with the clothes I wear. Thought this one was super cute, though.

4. Tommy Hilfiger Bakana Cable Sweater – £62

The classic when you think of a knit, right? Can’t go wrong with Tommy.

5. Mint Velvet Lilac Lace Hem V-Neck – £29

I think the feminine finish of this with the lace is so sweet. I tend to be way more casual but I do think it is really pretty.

6. Isabel London Oversized Waterfall Cardigan – £15

First of all, how much of a bargain is this?! Second, I love the buckle and how it doubles up as a coat. Easy to wear and just throw on.

7. Mango Polka Dot Cotton-Blend Sweater – £29

I don’t find many polka dot clothes around (as looking for something for Children in Need showed). So think this is great as, let’s face it; vertical stripes are not my friend 😉

8. Maison De Nimes Denim Wash Jumper – £49

Unique and different – really like the style of this one.

How have you ben getting on in the cold snap we’ve been having?


*collaborative post

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  • Thankyou for these brilliant ideas…in Sweden at the moment it’s a luxury to get above -5 in the day, and as I still buy a lot of things from the UK and get it shipped, I shall be looking into these!