Autumn Wish List for the Home

We have lived in our home for nearly 5 years now and when we moved in we completely renovated the whole place. I am getting ready to change things up a bit now but not completely redecorate (I don’t think I mentally cope with that again – it was such hard work before)! So, I think the perfect way to freshen things up this autumn, is adding some new accessories and little things to make the furniture we already have, look like new.

Fairly recently we got a new dining table and chairs so I’d love to get a few bits for it. A tablecloth is a must-have with my little ones if we want to try to maintain the quality of the oak table – they just stab with forks and draw on anything! The husband has wanted slate coasters and table mats for a long time and I spotted some lovely ones, so they had to be on the list – to protect the new table of course 😉

I have found some lovely pieces for different places in the home, from George Home Furniture. I would especially like some more storage pieces of furniture. A new bookcase for our room would be amazing, or a storage chest turned coffee table would look good in our living room. Anything that doubles up as somewhere to hide the children’s toys is all good with me 🙂
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// Slate Coasters £4 // Heart Nibble Bowls & Serving Tray £8 // Desert Table Cloth £10 // Liquorice Kitchen Range from £5 //

// Children’s Delux Wooden Kitchen £40 //  Children’s Wooden Cooking Set £12 // Wooden Candle Lantern £20 //

// Kochi Geo Bookcase £299 // Light Goa Large Box in Natural Mango £125 //


How cute is the wooden kitchen and kitchen set for children? I think it is so beautiful and I was really surprised at the great price. I much prefer wooden toys for my children and this was much cheaper than any of the plastic kitchen sets. Perhaps that will be for the children for Christmas? I’m imagining them playing really nicely together with the kitchen and tea set but I’m sure it will be much messier and noisier in real life!

What do you think? Are any of these items are on your wish list this autumn?

Rebecca x

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  • Love #9! We have a timber kitchen & it’s awesome! We had a plastic one but it was literally torn to pieces. The timber one we have now is by Kid Kraft, it wasn’t cheap but has lasted amazingly well! Thank you for hosting #snotallaboutyou x

  • Love slate coasters they had them in a restaurants went to recently, looked so posh and up market. I need to get renovating, we seem to spend a lot on our house in the winter, probably because we spend a lot more time at home. Great ideas here x

  • I love the wooden kids kitchen set. That’s definitely going to be on my boys christmas list. George at Asda is great for home bits and bobs, so is Primark sometimes! I love finding nice bargains there. B&M is amazing too but I have to stop myself going in or I spend like crazy xx