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Since I have been properly blogging, rather than just as an online dairy if you like, I have come across some amazing blogs and bloggers from all over the world. Though I write a mummy / lifestyle blog, I like to read a wide variety of them from food to fashion.

One of my many favourites is a blog called Blue Eyed Finch written by LA-based Sheridan Nicole. It is mostly a fashion blog with some beauty and lifestyle posts of what she and her really, ridiculously good-looking family get up to.


I came across Blue Eyed Finch, like I do with most blogs, through reading other blogs. Said blog happened to be by a girl that one of my brothers-in-law used to date. Anyway, thought nothing more of it and time went on. However, random story, keeping the brother-in-law and Blue Eyed Finch connection, my brother-in-law recently worked with Sheridan’s hubby, Adam, on a film in the US and Ben (the brother-in-law) met her and the family. Did you follow that? Crazy small world!

It is one of my fave blogs because of several reasons. It looks good, is written well, it’s easy to follow and keeps my attention. I also like that unlike quite a lot of fashion bloggers I come across, the outfits are ridiculous or really pricey but the fashion posts Sheridan writes show really wearable and affordable items, which as a mum of two littles, everyday kind of style is what I’m after, with a few fancier items here and there. Also, as Sheridan is a mum-of-one, I feel like I can relate to her and things that they get up to or experience; they do some pretty cool things and it’s fun to read what life is like over in California, compared to jolly old England.

What are some of your favourite blogs? Let me know!

Rebecca x

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