Mamapreneurs On The Rise: Ideas For Work-From-Home Jobs

Are you dreaming of earning cash from your couch, but stuck for ideas? Maybe you’re a stay at home mum who wants to push your limits for yourself and your family. Perhaps you feel like you could do more, or should do more with your time. When you put the kids down at 7pm and you have that entire evening to watch trashy TV, could you do something more productive? Perhaps your kids have gone to school and you’re left at home all day wondering what on earth you’re going to do before 3pm. Working from home can be a good way of arranging your work hours so you get more time with your kids in the morning or evening, while cutting out the expense, time and faff of commuting into the office.

Legitimate work from home jobs can be difficult to find, so a suggestion is to work for yourself. There are more mumpreneurs now than ever, starting businesses using their skills, and actually working on things that they love doing. Fortunately, companies such as TNT make it possible to sell and distribute goods from the comfort of your own home and taking on half of the load. So, how do all these Mamma’s start up their businesses? Here are a few ways of turning your talents into pay cheques:


  1. If you’re handy with a needle and thread, why not have a go at setting up your own bespoke boutique selling baby clothes and blankets? Something parents will always need. These days, parents don’t always like putting their kids in high street brands that every Tom, Dick and Harry are wearing.
  2. This principle applies to artwork too. Dare to be different; why would you want to have the same pictures on the wall as your next door neighbour? If you have a talent in art, printing pictures could be your way of setting up a little online shop. Frame your weekend doodles and you’ll be amazed at how much interest you acquire.
  3. We live in a world where homeware is in such high demand. Many people cannot afford shiny new pieces, so they look to upcycle as an alternative. The thing is, people don’t have the time, so more and more small companies are providing the service. Upcycling old and forgotten furniture is a business on the rise. If you’re willing to roll your sleeves up, this small business is for you.
  4. Try your hand at making household accessories such as personalised chalkboards, pin boards, table runners, cushion covers and Christmas decorations.
  5. Some people love giving presents, but don’t have the time to find the perfect gift and post it in time for all their friends Birthdays. Gift boxes are a really easy way to start up a business and let your loved ones know you were thinking of them. Your job is to compose the personalised box, and deliver it to the given address- says peasy. You’ll be saving the day for many busy people, and making money very effectively.

Have you ever thought of doing one of these before? Do you have any other suggestions to add?Rebecca x*collaborative post

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