Working From Home with Post Office Broadband

As a work from home parent, I am all for things that make my time working, simpler. I have to schedule my time and make sure that I can work as efficiently as I can in that given time. When I have to work around school runs, naps, and bedtime, I do have to be productive and reduce the number of distractions that I have.

One of the things, in fact, one of the only things that I need to have working right, is my broadband. If I come to check my emails, write a post, or do copywriting as part of my freelance work, I need my broadband to be ready to go.

I have a lot of deadlines with my job, so I need to be able to get on my laptop and write a post before the eleventh hour, if needed.

Around two months ago we changed our broadband to Post Office broadband. As this is a fairly new provider, I was a little nervous about how the whole thing would go. Though doing the speed check on the website and the postcode check, all looked good to be able to get a good speed in our area. The deal was pretty good for what you get, so decided to give it a go.


We had a member of the wifi squad visit to make sure that our service was optimised and that we were doing all we could to get the best speed possible. That was really helpful and definitely something that I would recommend if you choose Post Office broadband. But after the visit, how has the broadband and phone been working? Would I recommend it?

Broadband Speed

The broadband we get is fibre broadband and the speed is amazingly quick! Much faster than our previous provider (EE). My husband makes quite a lot of downloads for his music, and on his laptop it used to take quite a while, hours on end in fact. But since we got the Post Office broadband  it has been super quick and his sheet music (or music in general), has been downloading really quickly.

I mostly use the internet for emails, writing, photo editing, and streaming things like Netflix. I have had no problems with any of these. In fact before, in certain areas in our house, if I was watching something on my phone, it would just freeze and stop. But now, even in those awkward rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, I have had no problems with videos playing or being able to play music. I am really impressed with that and can tell the difference.

Overall Thoughts?

I can honestly say that we have had no problems with our wifi since we switched to Post Office and in fact, things have been going even better. We didn’t have too many problems before, apart from slower downloads and videos freezing and buffering. But you just get used to it. It is so nice to know that there is a better option for us. I would recommend Post Office broadband completely. The whole process, including the ordering, setup, wifi squad, and the wifi performance since, have been really impressive. No issues from me 🙂

If you’re interested in switching, you can get unlimited wifi for £19 a month at the moment – bargain.

Have you ever heard of Post Office broadband before? Do you think it is something that you would consider? Would love to hear what you think.

Rebecca x*collaboration with the Post Office. All words and opinions are my own.

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