Worried Your Home Isn’t Right For A Pet Cat? How To Overcome This And Other Obstacles To Pet Ownership

For some people, life without their furry babies is unthinkable. For others, the dream of having a pet cat seems impossible to turn into reality. There are so many health benefits to owning a cat. Their purring is said to bring calm to the owner and lower blood pressure. It is also thought the frequency of a purr can promote healing. The benefits of companionship are huge too, especially for the elderly. There are several reasons why you might not yet have a pet cat of your own. We give you the top five reasons why people back out of cat ownership, and how to overcome them:


  1. Rented house – You may think you don’t have the right accommodation for a pet. Indeed, your landlord may be picky about pets. Often, if you write a letter to your landlord, they grant permission for you to keep a cat, even in an apartment. Moving house to accommodate a kitty may sound a little extreme, but sometimes your little furry may be worth it!
  2. Moving house frequently – Perhaps you are part of a military family, and you feel that you move about too much. Military accommodation like Ultris Oakleaf Plantation welcomes pets. This means that you can keep cats in your quarters. When the serving person deploys, a family cat can be a very welcome companion. Cats can help the kids feel better.
  3. Allergies – If someone in your home has allergies to pet hair, don’t panic. There are several breeds that don’t cause allergies to flare up. You’re not restricted to the hairless breeds either. The Devon Rex with his short curly coat sheds very little. And the furry Siberian is thought to cause fewer problems than other medium-haired cats. Regular vacuuming will reduce the problems further. Slight allergic reactions can improve with regular exposure, but check with your doctor first.
  4. Litter trays – When you are pregnant, a litter tray can be very dangerous if not handled correctly. Toxins from the mess could harm the baby. For others, the thought of a stinky tray in the home is a little too much to bear. You can install a cat flap to enable your kitten to come and go as required. Alternatively, try an enclosed tray system, and clear it out after use to avoid any odors building up.
  5. No outdoor space – Many homes lack any direct access to safe outdoor space. Rather than your kitty tearing up the furniture to keep his claws in good condition, buy multi-tier cat scratching poles. Some of them have intricate designs that provide fun activities and places to sleep. You may want to also consider some indoor cat grasses to aid their digestive process. A litter tray will be essential in this situation, but you can find clever ways to hide it.

There are so many benefits to owning a cat that it is worth making the effort to overcome any obstacles to keeping one in your home. For kids, your cat can be a companion and playmate. For you, a stroke and a furry cuddle can turn your mood around and help keep your heart healthy. Make the move today to find your furry friend a space in your home.

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  • I grew up with cats but I’ve switched to the other side now that we have a dog! Lovely creatures though, aren’t they?

  • I really appreciate your insights into the benefits of owning a cat and how to overcome common obstacles. It’s true that many people underestimate the positive impact a furry companion can have on their lives. From reducing stress and promoting healing through purring, to providing companionship for the elderly, cats truly bring so much joy. Your suggestions for dealing with concerns like rented houses, allergies, and limited outdoor space are practical and encouraging.
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