Decorating Your Home in 2020

A new year and more importantly, a monumental and exciting new decade is looming. It’s time to reflect upon 2019 and think about all that you wish to achieve in future months to come. Many people tend to set goals to help them kick the year off with a bang. For many, ‘New year, New home’ is top of the to do list.

The best thing about the world is that we’re all so different. No two people are the same and no two homes are the same. What is it that drives us to make these choices? What makes our style so unique? Some people say it’s innate, some say it’s environmental and some say it’s in the stars.

Every astrological sign carries with it key characteristics that make up your personality. Using indications of these traits, here’s Wayfair’s Homeware Horoscope:


For an energetic Aries what colour is more suitable than your signature hue of red? Shots of crimson or hot pink around the house will help keep you motivated. You’re sensitive to light and hue, which could make you feel down quite easily.


As a hardworking and practical person, Virgo’s will want to keep on top of a strict cleaning schedule and create a well organised and minimalist style.


The Libra, with its symbol of the scales, is all about fairness and balance. Bring that diplomacy into your home with the beauty of symmetry. You’re inspired by good books so a pair of bookshelves flanking an intimate fireplace will make the perfect spot to engage in a rich conversations with friends and family.


Scorpios, mysterious and passionate, are drawn to dramatic spaces. you’ll adore rich textures and luxurious materials. Be sure to include tactile soft furnishings in faux fur, leather and velvet and include candles and intimate lighting throughout your home to add drama. Include spaces for entertaining but ensure you’ve planned for more intimate areas too.


Sagittarius love to travel and enjoy the world. Bring your travels home with you by way of gorgeous textiles, hand thrown pottery and original art to create an eclectic style that reminds you of your experiences and shows off your warm and adventurous spirit.


Capricorn is the epitome of understated elegance. They expect nothing less than the best when it comes to the home. Look for pieces that are built to last and ooze quality with either traditional detailing or in the latest high-quality materials.


Aquarius rules all things modern and futuristic, and your home should reflect that. Bypass the antiques and furnish with strong, graphic pieces such as a contemporary leather sofa on a steel frame. Don’t bother with rugs – opt for bare hardwood floors and modern materials like glass and steel.


Gemini’s crave variety, and as a result the home either looks wildly creative or like a total mess! Your style is varied – playful meets traditional, an eclectic mix of old–fashioned and modern, even a crazy mix of clashing styles that you manage to pull off. Creativity, colour and fun should all be part of your home. You can rock out unusual color combinations like orange and lavender, or hot pink and chartreuse.


Taurus love the good life and prioritises comfort and pleasure over pretty much all else. They love luxury and their homes will need to be a space that is relaxing and soothing to the spirit; a place of peace, safety, and tranquility. Plenty of soft textures such as cosy rugs and blankets will help a Taurus feel right at home.


Cancer’s vibe is like a beach holiday – breezy and warm while still carrying a timeless elegance. This is the zodiac sign that’s most associated with hospitality, so as soon as you enter a Cancer-curated space, your guests will feel right at home. 


We all know that Leos love to be the centre of attention and their passion and warm-hearted energy makes them natural-born leaders. A large open plan sociable kitchen fit for entertaining is the perfect element for your home, where you can show off your skills and impress your adoring guests. Your home is your castle and so bold and exciting design choices will show off your bravery and style.

As you embark on your new year’s resolutions and home renovation goals, take some time to review these tips to ensure that your home reflects the person you.

*this is a collaborative post.

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