Your 6-Step Guide to Moving House

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you will ever do. With so much going on, it can be easy to forget something essential. As soon as you get your move and exchange date and have those precious keys in your hands, you can start to get organised. We have pulled together 6 simple steps that can make the process that little bit easier for you:

  1. Start early

When you’re moving house, you need to avoid making last minute arrangements. Unless you have to pack up your house and leave in a hurry, you probably have anywhere between 4 – 8 weeks to make sure you organise everything for your moving day.

Make sure you remain organised when you begin packing up your house by ensuring that you get all the packing material needed in advance; this includes boxes of various sizes, tape, sticker labels, coloured markers and bubble-wrap.

2. Bring in removal specialists:

Unless you are blessed with a very nice friend who has an empty van, you will probably need to arrange for a professional removals in Adelaide to help you move house. People often underestimate the number of items they have in their house, and the experts cannot only help you lift the heavy furniture, but give advice and get things moved more efficiently and effectively.

3. Declutter your belongings:

Decluttering is essential to do every now and then, but it’s even more important before moving house. Before even attempting to pack, you should decide what to sell, donate or throw out. By decluttering, you’ll also keep your removal costs down too.

4. Write a list:

Creating an inventory helps you to keep an eye on all your belongings to make sure nothing is lost throughout the whole moving house process.

Most removal companies can create an inventory for you if they have been hired to pack your belongings so this is also worth considering. Being aware of where everything you need to move is, and where it is going will help take the stress out of your move!

5. Label Properly

You should label boxes with the room it’s going to and a brief summary of what’s in the box so there’s no confusion when you’re unpacking. If you don’t want to write a short novella on the boxes you could consider using coloured stickers/labels to help categorise rooms.

6. Choose Flatpack:

When you move into a new home, space is always limited as you try to create order from the chaos! Flat Pack furniture is becoming a popular choice for home-movers everywhere. They come in boxes and flat packed rather than being in a hard to deliver, fixed shape. This makes it way easier to bring flat pack furniture home, and they are much cheaper than ready-to-use furnishing. The trouble is putting them together! Fortunately there are flatpack professionals out there that can do the hard work for you so you can focus your time and energy where it is needed most.

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