Your car deserves a Royal Treatment too!

In May, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot. It was amazing to see how the royals are treated. They are very important people and therefore deserve the best.

Your car deserves royal treatment too as it is a very important asset. Firstly, it is a status symbol that says a lot about you. It makes your travel easy and convenient, saves you time and stress, and gives you the independence you want. You can also sell it to meet pressing financial needs or to upgrade your ride.

Below are several things you can do regularly to give your car the royal treatment it deserves:


The car requires regular servicing to ensure that it is functioning properly and safely. Professional service may include a road test and visual inspection. The exterior, interior, and under-body of the car are repaired and faulty parts are replaced. Standard fluids and perishables are also checked, refilled, or replaced.


This is a routine inspection schedule recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. It helps to identify problems that could lead to failure of key systems. It includes checking the exhaust, fuel, lighting, braking, and steering systems. It also includes rotation of the wheels and tuning the engine.

Tyre fitting, repair and maintenance

Car tyres are very important as they highly contribute to your safety on the road. Good tyres can also go for thousands of kilometres without requiring replacement. They should therefore be fitted and repaired properly. Regular tyre maintenance is recommended to check for damage, even tread wear, wheel alignment, and proper inflation.

MOT tests

These are compulsory tests done by the Ministry of Transport annually on vehicles that are three years old and above. They test the environmental and safety standards of the car and its road-worthiness. You are issued with an MOT certificate when the vehicle passes the test. Suffice to say, if your car is serviced and maintained regularly and if the tyres are well maintained, it will definitely pass the MOT test.

There are numerous consequences of neglecting your car. It could cause accidents and loss of life as it is unsafe. Its performance is reduced and its fuel consumption increases, leading to high running costs. It depreciates fast thus reducing the resale value. On top of that, you do not have peace of mind when driving it.

You have invested a lot in your car and it would therefore be advisable to give it royal treatment. If you do so, it will perform optimally, you will enjoy riding in it safely, and it will retain its value and appeal for many years. For reliable vehicle servicing and maintenance, you could visit Fife Autocentre. Give your car the attention it is worthy of!

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