Your Feet: What They Reveal About Your Health

Your feet can reveal a lot about your general well-being, and foot health is important. If you are experiencing discomfort or chronic problems with your feet, then it may be time to address some other underlying problems. Healthy, comfortable feet ensure we are not distracted by pain and discomfort that can affect our mood, mobility and productivity. Foot care experts, Simply Feet have made a list of some of the most common, and treatable, foot complaints along with advice to put a spring back in your step.


Dry, Cracked Feet

Perhaps one of the most common foot complaints, dry, cracked feet can indicate that you are dehydrated and overworked, as those spending a lot of time on their feet are likely to be affected by this problem. Fortunately, it can be addressed by some TLC and ultra-hydrating creams or foot masks. Heel balms are especially popular and effective and can be applied as a treat after a long working day.

Corns and Callouses

Thick patches of hard but sensitive skin can indicate ill-fitting footwear or an irregular gait. Your natural walk may be applying too much pressure to certain areas of the foot, but this can be addressed so that you are far more comfortable. Insoles can address fallen arches or rolling of the foot that causes undue pressure, but cushioning pads are also an effective way to make your daily walking more comfortable. Not only will padding make your feet more comfortable in the short term, but adequate protection can also help prevent further problems from arising in the future.

Athlete’s Foot

Excessive itching or perspiration of the feet can be extremely uncomfortable and distracting. This is a very common complaint for active people or those in a hot and stressful environment. Breathable socks and good-quality footwear are essential.

Ingrowing Toenails

Painful and often vulnerable to infection, ingrowing toenails are a common complaint. Tight-fitting footwear, improper trimming of the nails and even genetic factors can contribute to chronic ingrown toenails, but help is at hand. A good-quality nail clipper and file are essential for healthy feet and toenails. Nail oils for general health and resilience can also be an effective way to ensure that your nails grow healthily and correctly.

Tired, Aching Feet

Painful feet with no visible cause are a very common complaint in busy modern times, when much is expected of us. Set some time aside for yourself and truly pamper your feet to improve your overall comfort and well-being. Start with a warm soak, a gentle oil massage and a generous coating of foot mask, and finish with some luxurious gel pamper socks to let the hydration really sink in.

Why not make it a weekly routine to take some time out for yourself and focus on your foot health with some pampering? You’ll be walking on air for the rest of the week.



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