How to Get the Most Out of Your Gap Year Experience

If you’re thinking of taking a break before, or even after, tackling University life, then going abroad is probably one of the best moves to do. There are so many destinations to choose from and many things to see, to discover and to experience. Having a gap year will help you understand your personal and professional preferences and could help you decide on what course to take once you enter college or university. And if you’re worrying about international transport, you can check out some  agencies that provide worldwide services like Bliss Moving to help you with moving abroad. Here are some tips on how to have the best gap year traveling.


  1. Build on your interests
    • Whatever your interests, having a gap year will help you to expound on them. You will have the chance to understand your passions and build on them. If you are into teaching, there are so many teaching opportunities where you can actually meet other people and share your culture with each other. You can get a certification for teaching English so you can teach abroad and even gain some money. If you are into photography, there are volunteer photography courses where you are provided the chance to enhance your skills. The new and diverse environments you meet during your gap year will also provide you with different subjects to capture in order for you to discover what field of photography you prefer.
  2. Try various experiences
    • Don’t stick with just one thing. If you have always been interested in farm life, you can also spend part of your gap year living on farms abroad where you help with farm work in exchange for food and lodging. You learn about handling animals, help in planting, picking fruits, repairing fences and a lot of other things. Depending on the season, you can find various activities that will help you to sharpen your interests or guide you in discovering what it is you prefer to do in life. You can work as an au pair where you can share your culture and learn those of others. You can teach sports in summer camps or be a ski instructor during winter. Try various things, even new things. Who knows, you might discover some passion you never knew you liked.
  3. Focus on the path you want to pursue
    • While you are moving across borders and experiencing new things, never forget that your gap year is to help you find your path. Concentrate on the things that you enjoy doing and from there, explore it, enhance it, and build on it. There are many possible opportunities, whether you like farming, technology, teaching, arts, cooking, gap year will help you understand yourself and what it is you want to do.

Did you go on a gap year? I’d love to hear your about it!


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