Your Guide to Buying the Perfect Recliner

A recliner is that quintessential piece of furniture that speaks ultimate comfort. These days, recliners come in shapes and sizes with features aimed at giving you the best sitting experience. But the best recliners available today do not come cheap. Buying a quality recliner means you can expect it to last at least a good ten years. Here is our take on how to select a recliner that is durable and also fits your budget.

How does it move?

One of the main features of recliners is the option to lower the back or keep it upright. Traditional reclining chairs usually have a lever to control the movement of the back. Some recliners come in trendy styles that automatically recline as you sit down on them.

If you want something more out of the chair you are buying; you can get one with added features such as massage recliners or those that come with electronic controls.

Test it out

Buying a recliner is like buying shoes; it needs to be the perfect fit for optimum comfort. If you are shopping with family members and checking out cheap recliners, take the time to sit on each chair for at least five minutes. Pay attention to the following details:

  • Does the chair headrest provide ample back and head support?
  • Do your feet touch the ground while the back is in the maximum upright position?
  • Is the cushioning comfortable?
  • Are there lumps and bumps?

Check the footrest and test if it is easy to move. Any squeaking is a possible indication that there are some loose parts or parts that are not correctly aligned.

In general, leather recliners are the most long-lasting and durable but tend to come with premium price tags. Nevertheless, you are paying for quality, which means that it will serve you for a longer time. Other upholstery options include vinyl and wool. Choosing which type of material depends on your preference. At the end of the day, it depends on what you feel is most comfortable to sit on.

Pay attention to the frame

Experts advise that it is the parts that do not move which break more often in recliners. If possible, check underneath the recliner you are buying as well as in the corners. If you are buying online, ask for detailed photos and samples from the manufacturer. What you are looking for here are heavy-duty joints and screws to keep parts together. If you find any plastic parts, look for another option.

There are times when a manufacturer labels the item “all-wood construction”, which could mean that the product consists of pressboard which will not be durable enough to withstand the constant motion of a recliner. Recliners made with hardwood will be pricier, so a cheaper alternative is one made with plywood.

Lastly, check the manufacturer’s guarantee. Choose one that will cover you for a minimum of three years. This way, the manufacturer can cover repairs or replacement should the product breakdown within this time frame.

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