Family Futures: Knowing Your Rights During a Divorce is Important

No matter how necessary a divorce may be, it is still stressful and painful to everyone involved.  Many times the terms of a divorce are attempted off of emotions that are running high and things like basic logic and rights are ignored in favor of retaliation or anger.

It is important for you to know that whether you were in the wrong or right, you have rights during a divorce.  Knowing these rights can help you get the settlement terms that are fair for both parties.

If minor are children are involved, neither party may move them outside of the jurisdiction of the court the divorce is filed in.

Once a divorce is officially filed, that state is considered the home state and the city is the home city.  Certain states do allow a provision for moving up to 150 miles from the home city, but it must be approved ahead of time.  There are situations that may require a move, such as domestic violence, but any long-distance movement of a minor child must be completed through the proper legal channels or you run the risk of losing custody.

Financial accounts that are in one spouse’s name cannot be used by the other spouse.

Finances can become a huge stress during a divorce, and you have the right to trust that your spouse is not going to increase your debt by running up your credit cards.  However, joint accounts are another story, and if you have concerns about this happening with those accounts you can file with the court for temporary orders regarding bill payments and special protection of your accounts.  You can get assistance with this from and other expert divorce attorneys.

You have the right to live peacefully without harassment, harm or threats from your spouse.

Domestic violence is one of the most dangerous calls that a law enforcement officer can respond to, and they take them very seriously. If you feel threatened by your spouse, or you are being harassed, you can seek a restraining order against them.  This is best done quickly in the event of any possible threats or harassment.

You Have These Rights, and So Does Your Spouse

Remember, these rights are set out to protect both parties, which means you do not want to be on the other side of them, either.  Breaking any of these rules will make you look bad when your divorce does eventually go to trial.

Acting out in anger or high emotion and separating your children from their parent, running up debt with the intent of making your spouse suffer, or threatening, harassing, or causing violence to him or her are surefire ways to lose your divorce case and give the other party everything that you were hoping for.

Keep a clear head and let your attorney handle the logistics of your divorce.  Trust in the system, and as long as you honor your spouse’s rights and let your legal expert handle yours, your divorce process will go as painlessly and with the least amount of stress as possible so you can both begin your new family futures.

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