Ways to Increase the Privacy in Your Garden

There are many reasons why you spend time in your garden. If you’re out there, it’s likely you prefer to be alone in private with yourself or your family. It’s possible you have a few items in place that help, but are looking for a better solution.

Don’t feel bad for wanting more privacy in your garden. Your neighbours will understand and most likely want the same for their space. You don’t need people looking at you while you garden or suntan, and that’s why it’s so important to block yourself off. See ways to increase the privacy in your garden.



Hire a landscaping company to come and plant extra trees and bushes. Tall shrubs are a great way to outline your boundary and improve the level of privacy around your house. It’s also a way to make your garden look more appealing. Keep it simple or layer your plantings for extra seclusion. These plants add colour and texture to your garden so it looks nicer. There are some trees that grow to 60 feet high and will protect your garden from anyone who’s elevated and looking near your home.


Talk to a qualified contractor about installing fencing to separate your land in a stylish fashion. There are lots of different styles and materials to choose from, depending upon your taste. Garden panels will create a boundary that will give you great privacy levels. Make sure your fence is designed for privacy and it’s at the height you desire before it’s installed. Decide if you want it short enough where you can still talk to your neighbours, or at a level where there’s no ability to start a conversation. If you go with a plain look, remember you can always treat it any colour you want once it’s in the ground.


Pergolas are not only excellent for adding privacy, but they’re attractive looking too. It’s easier to screen a small area like small patios, outdoor kitchens and decks versus an entire garden. The pergola has the ability to create an intimate atmosphere while leaving you still able to enjoy the outdoors and each other’s company on the patio. Add climbing vines to the structure or drapes you can pull shut to enclose the area. This will be perfect for when you’re entertaining and want to have more private conversations.


There are a few different options for adding a wall around your garden. Build a masonry wall of stone or stucco and cut out small windows that contain decorative ironwork. Add flowers, water features and furniture to make sure it’s as private as possible. Install container gardens along the outskirts and surround your deck area to enhance the amount of privacy in and around your garden.


There are more options than you think for better secluding yourself in your garden. Take your time deciding on a solution that looks best with your current home and patio. These are ways to increase the privacy in your garden.

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