7 Reasons Your Home Needs More

Your home is the place you can work on that reflects your personality and everything you love. Every single room in your home is decorated to your own desires, designs and wishes and this continues when you decide to extend your home. You can always have more, when it comes to your home, and whether you expand up or out, you can always add to the house. There are always reasons to do more for your home, whether you want to brush up the interiors and give it a lick of paint, or add to it structurally by expanding into the garden with a conservatory.

It is really easy to find reasons to extend the home and talk yourself into a big project, but you have to be aware of how much time and effort an expansion can take. Taking on a home expansion project is more than just bricks and mortar; it’s changing the way your home looks and feels for you. Take a look at seven great reasons you should extend your home, and make your decision to spread out a little easier:


  1. Value: The most obvious reason to add more to your home is its value. Whether you build upwards and transform your attic space into a liveable, trendy loft like these ones, or you build outward and add a whole room to your home, you’ll be adding significant value. The curb appeal of your home is altogether better when you can see an extension that’s been transformed from building site to comfy playroom such as this has been added. There’s something very attractive about a house where you can see the owners have put their all into it to make the best it can be, and it’s this alone that should give you the push to put something more into your home.
  2. Space: If you’re building something new into your house but have no immediate plans to sell, it’s likely going to be about the space. Perhaps you fell in love with your home when you bought it and now your family is expanding, you have no interest in selling somewhere you feel rooted. Granny annexes, en suites, guest rooms and nurseries can always be tacked into the side of a home and this added space done by companies like Lifestyle Builders can be something that totally transforms the house. Use the space you create in any way you want but always be aware that building regulations can make a difference to the way you use the additional space.
  3. Avoid Moving: Most people spend a lot of money hunting for and buying a new house that they have fallen in love with. The idea of selling up and doing that all over again can be one that invites a feeling of dread. It’s expensive to sell a house, as it is expensive to rent and then buy another house. Stamp duty, legal fees, surveyor’s fees, bank charges, staging and so many other costs are involved in the sale of a house. You could save yourself money by paying for an extension instead, expanding the space you have and not moving out of a house you fell in love with. If that’s not a win-win…!
  4. Make Cash: Your new loft conversion could earn you a couple of tenants. After you’ve done the renovations and a few years have passed, your family will eventually grow up and move on from the nest. That space you built onto your home could be leased to people for a monthly rent. With the huge demand for student lets, holiday lets or even as an office, the space you created in your home could put some extra money in your pocket, so you’ll earn back on the money you spent extending in the first place.
  5. Home Office: Adding a room to the house can give you the extra space to either start a business from home, or set up a home office so you can work remotely from the business you work for already. A quiet space set up for children doing homework is also a great idea to have in the home and if you can expand your space into that, you’re going to be doing yourself and your family a favour. Always be aware of your neighbours before you go turning the house into a building site, as being aware of the noise for them will prepare them for the work you’re about to do. Having an office at home can mean you’re working more through the day so will save you money on the commuting costs you may have been putting out before.
  6. Redesign: Sometimes, the reason for changing the home is that you are simply wanting to see something different. There are always aspects of your home that you want to change and planning a project extending the home can give you that creative flair to make the changes you’ve always wanted to see. Being able to do what you want with the added area can give you a chance to pour your imagination into your home in another area.
  7. Independence: It’s one thing to give members of your family space, but if you’re creating a chill out zone for teens or a playroom for pre-schoolers, you’re giving them some vital independence which can really assist in their development. Teenagers need breathing space in the same way that pre-schoolers want to have their toys and crafts all in one place.


Being able to tack a room onto the side of the house, extend the loft or build into the garden is a privilege and you should be happy and excited to have a whole new project to work on! There are more than enough reasons to be able to get started, but the biggest reason should be that you want to have more for yourself and your home. There’s no better time to do that than now.

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  • Good suggestions! By the way, if you’re going to transform your attic space into a liveable, don’t forget to insulate it. An uninsulated attic can become a complete heating drain. So, your heating bills may increase by 30%. In addition, it will simply be uncomfortable for you to be there.

    • Attic insulation can be made from fiberglass, mineral wool, sheep’s wool, hemp, recycled materials, foam, and more. A layer of insulation can be laid between the joists on the attic floor which can then be covered with insulating floorboards.

  • A home office is actually a good thing, yeah! I’m the kind of person who easily loses concentration. I work from home and feel very inefficient. I always have a large to-do list in my head, including such things as “cook the lunch before the hobby com”, “load the laundry”, and the like. I understand that I need to deal exclusively with work tasks during the workday, but I can’t forget about all that home stuff when at home. Even though I have a pretty nice home office.
    Eh, this is a big problem for me.

    • Consider local cafes as an alternative to your home office. Everything you need to stay there is to buy a cup of coffee. Additionally, the atmosphere in a cafe is more conducive to work than a homely atmosphere. It’s no secret that many people find working from home pretty challenging as there are lots of distractions there, and they can’t concentrate on work. However, if you easily lose concentration, the talks of cafe visitors can also distract you.
      In this case, consider the coworking space. Even though it’s not free, there is the most favorable environment for work. A Global Coworking Study by Deskmag (https://www.ranchoffice.com/coworking-blog/why-do-people-thrive-in-coworking-spaces) found that 85% of participants felt more motivated while working in a coworking space and that they were more productive (89.1%) and better able to concentrate (71.9%) in a coworking space than they were when working from home.