Bargain Hunt

Everyone’s after a bargain these days! Prices are going up as wages are remaining stagnant so every penny saved is a real bonus! But where does everyone find all their bargains? Here are some great tips for hunting out all the bargains when you need to go shopping.




You can really make some big savings if you shop during the sales. During these sale seasons, you can often find as much as 50% off the retail price! But don’t worry if you are hitting the shops when there aren’t any sales on. You can still get some discounts and deals by looking on coupon websites such as Here you will find codes that you can use online for discounts. Another good trick is looking for faulty items in stores. If there is any slight imperfection on a garment, the shop will be unable to sell it at full price. Often, most imperfections are so small no one will notice them once you are wearing the item!


Need a new set of wheels? One of the main problems buyers find is that car salesmen try to push dodgy second-hand cars onto them. Even though the price may seem reasonable at first, you might find that the car’s history isn’t as great as you were told once you get it home. And might mean that you need to pay a lot for your new car’s upkeep. To ensure you don’t waste money in this way, you need to do your research and only do business with a reputable car salesroom. It’s also necessary to research the type of car you want to buy so that you know the type of condition it should be in.


Just like with clothes, there are also some sites dedicated to coupons for tech goods and stores. If you can, it’s a good idea to wait until Black Friday to buy your tech. Even though this day of big sales is a very American affair, it has spread over to the UK in recent years, and these days even British shops are getting in on the act and lowering their prices. Another great day to shop is Cyber Monday. It’s just like Black Friday, but only tech goods are dramatically reduced:

Books & DVDs

Lots of media stores will now buy back used DVDs and books from customers, and will then sell them on at a much lower price than the recommended retail price. So, it’s a good idea to head to your local book or media store to see if you can find any cheap secondhand books or DVDs. They can also sell for very reasonable prices online at auction sites like eBay and the Amazon Marketplace. It’s also a good idea to take a look around local car boot sales and markets for some cheap second-hand DVDs and books.

As you can see, you don’t always have to pay full price when you are out shopping. Not now you have all these tips!

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